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Fresh Tweets We Stole From the Bird App (November 27, 2022)

If you've spent any significant amount of time on the hellscape of a website that is Twitter, then you are aware that not all tweets were created equal. Most of the riffs and rants that people see fit to scream into the Twitter abyss are either totally cringey, borderline (or straight-up) offensive, or, at its absolute worst, maybe even both. There's also the percentage of tweets being flung around that are so basic they actually make us fume. You know what we're talking about. The banal sentim…
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Yeah This Is Getting Lame

Pic of a coffee mug with a world map on it and the caption, "Been watching the World Cup for days - still don't see what the excitment's all about"
Via aquastar9999981337
futbol world cup soccer memes soccer world cup 2018 football - 6066437

Soccer Legend Maradona's World Cup Reactions Are Pure Meme FIRE

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russia world cup world cup 2018 denmark - 6051589

Soccer Fans Are Super Pissed About How Painfully Boring The Denmark Vs. France Match Was

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futbol world cup memes world cup soccer world cup 2018 football pro football pro soccer - 6033413

11 More Hilarious World Cup Memes And Tweets For All Your Football Cravings

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Burger King Russia fail, pregnancy ad.

Russian Burger King Grilled Over Offensive World Cup "Impregnation" Prizes

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futbol gifs world cup pro soccer soccer world cup 2018 pro sports - 5995525

Senegal's Soccer Coach Is Getting Magnificently Meme-ified

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futbol world cup memes world cup world cup 2018 pro sports - 5974277

Alisson Becker Popping The World Cup Balloon Is Inspiring Some Excellent Memes

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futbol world cup memes world cup sports memes soccer memes soccer world cup 2018 pro sports - 5955845

15 Epic Soccer Memes To Kick Off The 2018 World Cup

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When Your Friend Comes To You With The Realization That Her Boyfriend Actually *Was* A Scumbag All Along

Gif of Vladimir Putin humbly celebrating a Russian goal during the 2018 World Cup
Via Memebase

Live Today at 12:00 pm PST The first WORLD PUP!

adorable puppies world cup cute soccer funny - 9176945920
Via Cheezburger

Bad Luck Brazil

brazil world cup bad luck brian olympics - 8754014720
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Every Last One


Note to Other Countries: Start Doing Things Our Way for a Change


America is Now Best Soccer Country


Damn Straight

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