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22 Adulting Memes For The Sad Sacks Just Trying To Get Through It All

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For All The Customer Service Peeps

Caption that reads, "When there's a deep rage burning inside you but you gotta act nice cause you're at work" above a pic of a little dog with a fake-looking smile on its face
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Caption that reads, "The perks of working at a toy store" above a pic of a guy standing on a ladder holding up a stuffed animal like in the Lion King
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Ya For Real

Tweet that reads, "Can the bread come get me for once"
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Yeah, It's Just Not Right

Tweet that reads, "'I sold an hour of my life for $13' doesn't sound nearly as good as 'I make $13/hour'"
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Time To Fight To The Death

Caption that reads, "When it's a slow night so your manager says one of the kitchen staff can go home early" above pics of four guys battling to be let home early
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The Harsh Reality

Illustration of someone handing someone else money with text that reads, "Trade pieces of paper with people until you die"
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Well, Damn

Funny meme about no job you love, capitalism, communism.
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Problem Solved!

Caption reads, "How to avoid getting stressed at work: 1.) Don't go to work" above a pic of Spongebob sleeping peacefully
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Sounds About Right

Caption that reads, "The relationship between your degree and your field of work" above a pic of a guy in a scuba suit walking around in the desert
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Movin' Up The Corporate Ladder!

"I grew up living paycheck to paycheck, but through hard work and perseverance I now live direct deposit to direct deposit"
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Let's Be Real, I Can't Even Afford That

"I love when people say, 'quit your job and just travel.' Taking an Uber from the bar to my house is about all the traveling I can afford"
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A Daily Thought

Cat driving a car with the caption, 'Amanda, 24, driving to her shitty job hungover AF from the weekend wondering if she should just quit and get a sugar daddy'
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