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'Unpopular Opinion' About Working Weekends Gets Roasted by the Internet

Some people just don't know how to have fun.
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funny memes, funny random memes | meme with Michael Scott from The Office people ask handle this job HM DEAD INSIDE. Simple really. pic of fuel tank indicator in a car. An accurate representation much energy have at work today

30 Work Memes For Any Underappreciated Employee

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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol, relatable tweets, animals, work memes, animal memes, relatable memes, twitter

41 Funny Memes & Tweets For A Relaxing Time

As Sunday comes to a close, you may need a little help staying positive while fending off the " Sunday Scaries ." The dread of returning to life's draining responsibilities after a relaxing weekend is real. To help temper those feels and fears, we're bringing you a mixed bag of amusement. It boasts relatable and witty tweets , scrollable memes, and a few funny pics for good measure. There's enough memes here to spread the wealth and share, so don't let your friends get too scared by the Sunday…
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Funny memes about work, relatable memes, stupid memes, monday memes, monday through friday, dolly parton | Coworker: Did get drunk at lunch again? Mе: Dolly Parton finger guns | Management Treats employees badly Employee Quits Management: surprised Pikachu

20+ Work Memes For The Overburdened & Overtired

Living the dream.
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Imgur thread about an employer who tried to take back over time pay from one of their employees, employee proves that this action was not just according to Washington state law | Hi are reviewing payroll past few months ensure paid correctly and did find one issue with pay. were overpaid $248.24 over time on pay are planning on deducting this amount this current pay day. If would like us split this between two pay periods please let know by tomorrow.

Employee Points Out Boss' Mistake In Refreshingly Hopeful Thread

Always know your rights!
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Show Me The Baby

Funny meme about when you hear a cat during a Zoom meeting, you have to see it, i would like to see the baby, Werner Herzog, Star WArs memes, the Mandalorian, relatable, baby yoda
Via PinkPrincess007
funny memes about work, boss memes, dank memes and anyone who has ever held down a job | gonna need rest day off BOSS: why hate being here random.ape | hit snooze 80 times and now got 3 minutes leave house Michael Jordan crying in bed

31 Work Memes For Everyone In The Struggle

We see you.
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Funny memes about work | You were using prefer term networking Bob's Burgers | If already late Take time can't be late twice. Man Roll Safe

18 Work Memes For Miserable Cubicle Dwellers

Work sucks man.
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Funny memes about working | why did choose our company? because are recruiting can bring company new employee Lego doctor | manager is actually nice change, and doesn't ask anything return 836 know this is trap just don't know Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation

16 Sassy Work Memes For People Going Back To The Office

Relatable memes for the jaded office worker.
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Funny work memes, relatable work memes, dank memes, office memes | job ask suggestions make workplace better wine alcohol | see co-worker walking towards microwave with fish and broccoli StupidResumes

Work Memes For People Who Are Over It

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Soooo Boring

Funny meme that reads, "You ever get so bored at work that you actually start doing your job" above an image of Mr. Incredible looking bored while working at a desk
Via UmigameWI333
funny work memes and tweets | Seeing work memes like Ah. Humor based on my pain. Ross Friends | have an excellent work environment work environment: medieval tapestry of a battle

Work Memes And Tweets To Prepare You For Monday

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Reality Bites

Funny 'Surprised Pikachu' meme about doing the bare minimum of work when your employer pays minimum wage
Via dogsarebetterhummas24

Go Away

Funny meme that reads, "Coworker: hey good morning!! Me: ..." above a photo of an annoyed girl putting her hand up
Via anlyin
Funny roasts of people guessing where they work, based on what they look like | Looks like getting thick and tired his broken promithes promithes Dill Pickles does look like do living? kaiyghtlyhnne does look like do living Pls be honest this hair an accident and 's giving off very specific vibes Sell merch Waterparks

Roasts Of People For Where They Look Like They Work (14 Roasts)

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Funny memes about work | steve harvey inner crisis laugh at kids going back school but realize gotta work everyday rest life. cat and dog awkward smile: moment make eye contact with another cowoker while walking down hall

Eighteen Work Memes For The Tired, Overworked Employee

Aren't you glad it's the weekend?
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