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RIP ;(

Caption that reads, "My boyfriend's gym bro dude broke up with him" above a screenshot of the text where his friend doesn't want to work out with him anymore
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Holy Sh*t You're Right

Caption that reads, "If you think about it, gorillas don't know any bodybuilding techniques so we've probably never seen one at full strength" above a pic of Joe Rogan looking shocked
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It's-a Me

Tweet that reads, "My inner turmoil is knowing I'd be happy in the long run if I had a good body, but I'd also be happy right now if I had cheesy crust pizza with garlic bread"
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Oh, Okay

Someone says 'Hi' and the second person goes off into a rant about how the Keto diet is the best diet in the entire world and will solve virtually all of your problems
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Shut Up, Demons!

Caption that reads, "Girl: I should really go to the gym; Inner girl: You been playin' these boys for years with this bod, you are fiiiinnee" above a pic of Ms. Piggy talking to her demon inner-self
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Aww Man

Text that reads, "Over the past year I've taken so many 'before' pictures of my body while telling myself I'm going to start working out, I basically just have a slideshow of me getting fatter"
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Do You Even Lift Bro

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The Struggle Is Real

Photo of a McDonald's sign shadow over a Planet Fitness
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Not Worth It

"Apparently you have to eat healthy more than once to get in shape. This is cruel and unfair"