Umm, There There?

Caption that reads, "When your friend starts drunk crying outta nowhere and you're just like..." above a pic of a little dog looking awkward with a glass of wine
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "My kind of Christmas tree" above a pic of a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles
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Yeah That Was Some False Advertisement

Tweet that reads, "Movies made it look like I'd be having a lot more wine nights with the girls in my apartment, when in reality it's just me eating salads by myself"
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Uh, No Thanks

Caption that reads, "Vogue actually printed this crazy diet in the 1970s" above a disgusting diet that features hard-boiled eggs, wine, coffee and 50z of steak per day
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Ah Yes, Sounds Like Notes Of Sandalwood And Polo Balls

Picture of a guy listening to his wine glass under the caption, "If you encounter wine snobs, confuse them by using this move"
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Taste Responsibly

funny meme about going to a wine tasting and detecting a hint of blackout, man smelling wine glass.
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Bartender's Worst Enemy

Funny meme about jesus at a bar.
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Funny meme about the bachelor and wine.
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And Say Pumpkin Spice Three Times

Funny meme about how you can catch a basic white girl by setting a trap with pizza, starbucks, wine, puppies and uggs.
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Divine Intervention

Funny meme of someone on Snapchat saying "only water for tonight" and then another snap saying "dammit jesus" because the glass became full of wine.
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Funny meme with photoshopped guy fieri who is supposed to represent someone who used to be a douche but is now into stuff like wine.
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