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A Magnum's Worth Of Wine Memes For Lovers of Fermented Grapes

Drink up
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1990s millennial cheugy autumn low-rise pizza pupper early 2000s millennials side-part cringe pumpkin spice wine skinny jeans Memes doggo lol gen x coffee style gen z boomers chuegy lmao fall - 17822213

Funniest Cheugy Memes Only Millennials Who Have Fully Embraced Their Cringe Will Enjoy

No generation can mock us because we have accepted the cringe—NOW, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!
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Mortified Dad Accidentally Gets 4 Year Old Drunk At The Movie Theater

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Funny Quarantine Barbies, self-deprecating, lockdown, dolls, instagram, eating, drinking, coping, gardening, baking bread | PIZZA GAP Barbie QUARANTINE WILL EVER WEAR JEANS AGAIN? EDITION EXTRA PAIR STRETCHY PANTS Includes: JEANS GAP(NEXT SIZE UP) PIZZA &RANCH DRESSING ICE CREAM MOTHER'S COOKIES BREYERS *BRA NOT INCLUDED | wine lot EVANGELIE EVANGELIE et EVANGELIE Babie Quarantine Wine Lot Edition Includes: Wine Wine Wine Cheese wine BARBIE COLLECTOR GOLD LABEL KIN

'Quarantine Barbies' Put A Sadly Relatable Spin On The Classic Dolls

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I'm Doin' It, Doc

Funny meme that reads, "When the doctor says you need to watch your drinking" above a photo of a guy looking at himself drinking in the mirror
Via KingRememberedInTime1
Marriage memes, sex, cleaing, husbands, wives | someone grabbing shaggy's shoulder from behind: my husband tries using back rub trick into sex. melissa mccarthy in bridesmaids: husband is unexpectedly home and don't want him see all clothes just bought Look away!

20 Relatable Marriage Memes For Anyone With A Ball And Chain

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Pretty Sure That's A Sin

Funny tweet about taking wine at communion | me sips wine oh yes i like it i'll have a bottle of that priest ma'am that's not how it works please go back to your pew
Via Ramaji7
Funny memes about wine | Power Rangers combine into megazord Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Malbec Merlot Petit Verdot @shittywinemenmes Bordeaux | cellar tracker says let wine decant one hour before drinking shittywinememes Pablo Escobar waiting meme

Fifteen High-Quality Wine Memes Perfect For Those Friday Feels

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Man I Felt So Cool In Church

Funny meme that reads, "No one: ... six-year-old me with a wine glass filled with grape juice: ..." above an illustration of a vampire-like guy holding a glass of wine
Via WillowTiaQuinn

Better With Age

Funny tweet that reads, "Last year v this year...glad we've matured" above pic of two girls dressed in grape costumes next to the same girls dressed in wine costumes"
Via feronet

TGIF, y'all

Funny meme about wanting to lose weight but drinking too much wine.
Via @hauntedtoilet
Funny parenting memes, parenting tweets, quotes for parents, quotes for moms, life hacks.

23 Parenting Memes & Pics For Anyone Who's Dealt With Little Terrors

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Funny comics from Nathan Pyle.

This Brilliant Comic Reminds Us Of How Weird Our Human Habits Are

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21 Wine Memes & Pics For The Aspiring Wine Mom

21 Wine Memes & Pics For The Aspiring Wine Mom

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Funny relatable memes for women

18 Girly Memes & Tweets That Are A Little Too Relatable

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National wine day memes, cringey memes, wine mom memes.

20 Cringey Wine Memes That Will Unleash The Basic Mom Inside You

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