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‘Your name is Josh? Like the wine?': 25 Josh Wine tweets celebrating 2024’s favorite beverage

Josh is the new white boy of the month
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Chabad Tunnels, Josh Wine, and Golden Globes Slang

Also, a bunch of men let their impulsive thoughts win.
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'It doesn't seem too bad': Concerned Man Claims Co-Worker Has a Drinking Problem, Starts Debate About Alcohol Consumption

Light work?
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30 Mixology Memes For Shot-Slinging Bartenders

I'd like 46 espresso martinis please
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26 Wine Memes for Natural Wine Hipsters

Bottoms up
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Protective Father Freaks Out After Mom Lets Their 16-Year-Old Daughter Drink Wine

Not a drop until she's 21
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20+ Boozy Disney Memes for Wild Weekenders Who Live a Life of Debauchery

Yzma is out here getting crunk with Kronk
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People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Redbull is the perfect mixer
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A compilation of memes about wine and drinking

A Big Bottle of Wine Memes For Wine Moms

I stand in solidarity with the wine mom community . During the pandemic, I was close to becoming one myself. From January to April of 2021, I would go to my local corner store every Friday and buy a bottle of strawberry-flavored Barefoot wine. If that sounds like trashy college kid wine, you would be 100% correct. At the time, I thought buying screw-cap wine was so mature as opposed to one of those giant cans of peach-flavored Mikes Hard Lemonades. I usually wouldn't consume the whole bottle in…
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Bartender Serves Hilariously Huge Pint of White Wine

How much wine is too much wine ? That is a difficult question for people just beginning to drink out of a glass instead of straight from the bottle. I drank my wine directly from the bottle throughout college. I love strawberry Barefoot wine from the corner store, and nobody could stop me! Even when I had enough dignity to put this drink in a cup, I did not use a wine glass. I would pour a bunch of wine into a little plastic cup and have a swell night of libations and merriment. Now that I'm an…
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Mood Boosting Boozy Memes for Weekday Warriors Keen on Wrecking Their Lives With Happy Hour Drinks and Debauchery (March 16, 2023)

Counting down the seconds until Friday at 5PM
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20 Funniest Boozy Memes for Degenerates Keen on Wrecking the Weekend With Debauchery and Happy Hour Drinks

A hangover happens because you're borrowing happiness from the morning and using it for your nighttime fun.
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21 Wine Memes For Sommeliers

Very fancy
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A compilation of funny memes about food and drink

Food Memes To Eat and Drink

I love eating and drinking
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A Magnum's Worth Of Wine Memes For Lovers of Fermented Grapes

Drink up
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Funniest Cheugy Memes Only Millennials Who Have Fully Embraced Their Cringe Will Enjoy

No generation can mock us because we have accepted the cringe—NOW, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!
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