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Clueless Husband Sparks Outrage With Selfish TikTok About Wife Ignoring Chores

He really thought he said something
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A TikTok where a wedding dress designer makes a bride a hideous dress with hot glue and horrible fake flowers

Wedding Dress Designer Makes Bride a Hideous Dress Out of Hot Glue and Fake Flowers

According to the hit TLC program Say Yes To The Dress , if the wedding dress isn't right, you might as well not get married at all. Wedding dresses are the most expensive and high-stakes pieces of clothing many women will ever buy, and being so, they have to be just right. That's why some women order custom dresses when the options off the rack don't do the trick. Unfortunately for one woman, her custom dress did not turn out like her reference photo. The designer recorded a TikTok documenting…
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Funny marriage memes, husbands, wives, kids, complaining, love.

Marriage Memes For The Mostly-Happily Committed

Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together. Or what tears us apart, depending on who you're asking. As a millennial whose number of married friends keeps increasing, it's hard not to think about the greatest commitment of all time (besides a life sentence). It's true that the marriage rate is declining in the United States, but maybe that's because people are actually making the choice to spend their lives with another person pretty damn seriously. That uptick of married friends? Well, none…
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Husband 'Upstages' Wife In Cookie Christmas Tradition by Streamlining Baking Process

Stereotypes about husbands and wives aren't always true, but they exist for a reason. And one couple's quarrel over a cookie-baking Christmas tradition could definitely be used to prove the validity of certain stereotypes about men and women. u/wirnei339oe3jrj left it up to r/AmItheAsshole to decide whether or not he was in the wrong for “upstaging” his wife by being a more efficient cookie-baker. Though most voted that OP was technically “NTA,” many sympathized with OP's wife on an emotional l…
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People Reveal the Wildest Ways That They Found Out a Partner Was Cheating

Pure insanity
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Cringey "I May Not Be the Woman You Marry" TikTok Trend Prompts Mockery and Discussion

They're not like other girls (your wife)
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Douchebag Husband Cooks Jalapeño Poppers, Complains That Chemo Patient Wife Isn't Doing it Instead

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Reddit story about an incompetent husband insists on making Thanksgiving dinner, plan fails miserably

Incompetent Husband Insists On Making Thanksgiving Dinner, Plan Fails Miserably

The creation of a Thanksgiving meal is no small feat. The two things that make Thanksgiving dinner such an undertaking are the scale and variety of the meal. First of all, you're probably cooking for more people than you would for a meal with your spouse and 2.5 kids. Usually, extended family is involved, and their mouths must be fed. The variety of sides must provide when hosting Thanksgiving is of the utmost importance. If you don't have mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean…
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A story about a crazy karen who wants to wear her old wedding dress to her husbands cousins wedding.

Attention-Seeking Karen Insists on Wearing a Wedding Dress to Her Husband's Cousins Wedding

I have a confession to make: I wore a white dress to the first and only wedding I've ever been to. Granted, I was 8-years old, and the flower girl, and the bride helped pick out my dress. Although I got away with it then, I'll never be able to again. If there's one thing that Reddit has taught me is that wearing white at a wedding is a crime that will not be forgiven. I'm going to my first wedding since my flower girl debut this weekend, and I'm kind of nervous that the pink dress I picked out…
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Pilot Apparently Can’t Fly a Plane Unless Wife Irons Uniform for Him

Imagine refusing to go to school because your mom didn't have time to make your special sandwich. This is unacceptable behavior for a kid, let alone a full-grown adult. One disgruntled stay-at-home-mom asked Reddit if she was the a-hole for calling her pilot husband “insane” for ditching work to teach his wife a lesson after she didn't have time to iron his uniform. Commenters answered with a resounding “not the asshole.”
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Woman Has Public Period Mishap, Wife's Response Baffles the Internet

There were easier ways to deal with this
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Woman Gets Twitter-Roasted For Her Sexist Comments About Being An 'Old-Fashioned' Wife

Woman Roasted For Sexist Comments About Being An 'Old-Fashioned' Wife

In this day and age, women in the Western world have the freedom to pursue almost anything they want. Unfortunately, there are some people who feel the need to broadcast their regressive views from the 1950s over social media. We're totally all for women doing whatever they want - housewifery included - but this Twitter user made her husband sound like a straight-up manchild who can't take care of himself. With the cost of living constantly skyrocketing, being a housewife without a full-time jo…
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Funniest Tweets About the Downfall of 'Wife Guys'

Here comes the divorce
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A compilation of tweets about The Try Guys Neds cheating scandal

The Funniest Tweets About The Try Guys Cheating Scandal

Another “wholesome” man who loves his wife has been exposed as a no-good, dirty rotten cheater. Allegedly. Ned from the web series The Try Guys has come under fire for ALLEGEDLY cheating on his wife. For the uninitiated, The Try Guys are a group of four guys (Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach) who try various things, such as a new food, an activity, or some kind of a challenge. They make videos documenting their experience trying said thing, and everyone has a grand old time. With the series beginni…
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Hapless Husband Goes Viral for Trying to Hire Gay Man to Party With Wife

Dream job
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funniest Parenting Memes We Saw This Past Week

Funniest Parenting Memes We Saw This Past Week

A sense of humor is necessary when parenting
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