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Pic of Thanos with text overlay that reads, "Yo mama's so fat, when Thanos snapped his fingers, she only lost weight"
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Uh, No Thanks

Caption that reads, "Vogue actually printed this crazy diet in the 1970s" above a disgusting diet that features hard-boiled eggs, wine, coffee and 50z of steak per day
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I Gotta Know

Tumblr pic of an old game boy featuring a fat Pikachu figurine next to a Gameboy DS with a skinnier Pikachu figurine; Tumblr user comments, "Old school vs. new school - Pikachu, what's your secret?"
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funny pyramid scheme memes | Person - Name more iconic duo wait Christian moms Pyramid schemes @Deuteronomemes. | Person - Nabi @AlohaNabs_ pyramid schemers senses all just tingled and about get 317 emojis DM's BriAnne @brianneholthaus Need job can do home and make like $25+ an hour Imao 6/27/18, 12:29 PM

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Sir I Don't Know What You're Talking About

Star Wars meme where the character is saying, "What about the midnight attack on the cookies?" Under the caption, "My personal trainer trying to explain to me why I haven't lost any weight"
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Funny meme about gordon ramsay losing weight.
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Get These People Off Of Social Media

"Keto Posts are selfies - change my mind"
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Funny cyanide and happiness video about weight loss.

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Two Years on a Diet Can Make Such a Difference

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Weight No, That's Not What I Meant!

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Thanks for the Support, You Bastard!

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