Wait, I Thought He Was Dead

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You Can Just Feel the Humor

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This Groom Sure Knows How to Make an Entrance

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Ninja Cameraman

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The Most Romantic Proposal EVER!

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Maturity is Not a Groomsman's Strong Suit

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Our Wedding Cake

Pokémon marriage wedding - 8341364992
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Better Late Than Never

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Worst Proposal Ever: Woman Accidentally Slaps the Engagement Ring Out of Her Fiancé's Hand Into the Lake

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Married at Walmart

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You Know It's a Good Wedding When it Ends in a Brawl and the Arrest of the Groom

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But He Does Give a Pee

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Now That Will Be a Good Wedding Night

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That's What You Get for Inviting Your Brony Cousin to Your Wedding

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Marry a Man With Proper Wiping Habits

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What a Mega Ice Sculpture

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