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Obviously The Biggest Best Man Duty is Pranking the Newlyweds' House Before They Come Back From Their Honeymoon

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Watch Britain's Cruelest Father of the Bride Pull off the Perfect Wedding Prank

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This Guy Has Had Enough of Trends for Making "Fun" Wedding Memories

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Because One Outstanding Owl Photobomb Wasn't Enough

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This is the Most Wild Wedding Video I've Ever Seen

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World's Best Maid of Honor Sings Come Sail Away as Cartman

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I Promise Never to Snapchat You Pictures of My Poop

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The Key to Building a Sustainable Marriage

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It's Called a Doily

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A Knock Out Wedding

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Send Assistance!

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Brick by Delicious Brick

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Drone Wedding Video Goes Arwy

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A Crabby Wedding

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Frenemy Happy for You

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The Most American Wedding

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