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Satisfying Thread Reminisces On Times That Annoying Customers Played Themselves

Serves them right
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Ex-service industry tell all on TikTok about toxic work places

"Customers Suck, but it's Exponentially Worse When It's Your Boss:" TikTok Reveals Toxic Workplaces Within the Service Industry and Sparks Controversy

Imagine if Karen was your boss.
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Funny memes about working in a restaurant | man in formal wear standing in front of mirror that reflects his back revealing he's wearing lingerie. say front customers say the kitchen. girl biting her lip: waitress has tell Chef they messed up and order and need on fly

20+ Server Memes For Anyone Who's Been in the Weeds

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15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

It's a very, very hard job.
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Restaurant Table Comparison Splits Opinion On How Different Generations Treat Servers

Eating out is one of life’s simple pleasures — if you’re the customer, that is. Whenever you walk into a restaurant to have a meal, there’s a whole host of people working behind the scenes to make sure your every need is catered to. In return, it’s important to show your appreciation for this, including everything from your manners to how much you tip . However, how far we should take our eating out etiquette can be a contentious subject, as one video has recently proved. After going for a meal…
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Server Has Heartwarming Reaction To Being Gifted Crowdfunded Tip

It can be a mean and unforgiving old world out there, and few people know that better than those who have to work with the general public. Hell hath no fury like an entitled customer ready to yell at a minimum wage worker , who more often than not has a lot on their plate before someone decides to get angry. To make things worse, many of those working in the hospitality industry are dependent on gaining tips and they are not always as generous as they could be. This is something which TikToker …
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Waitstaff Memes For and About Hospitality Workers

It's not an easy job.
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Dublin Waitstaff Instigate Fight, Impress The Internet With Their Expert Moves

Not something you see in every restaurant.
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Deep Thoughts

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Funniest work memes ever

15 Of The Funniest Work Memes Ever

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Aw Yiss

Caption that reads, "When you're five years old and your parents take you to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks what you want" above a pic of a kid dabbing on some chicken strips
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"It Didn't Scan So It Must Be Free, Right?"

Caption that reads, "When the customer makes a stupid joke but you need the job so you give your best fake smile" above a pic of a cat with a big fake smile
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Fair Point

Tweet that reads, "Why test on animals when there are people who are rude to waiters"
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Don't Underestimate Me

Text that reads, "I love the look waiters give me like 'she won't eat all this.' HAHA stand back and watch me Paul"
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17 Customer Service Employees Reveal What Really Grinds Their Gears

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Look, We Both Know I'm Gonna Get The Same Thing I Always Get

Onion headline that reads, "Man Forced to Come Up with 45 Seconds of Facial Expressions While Waitress Lists Off Specials"
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