The One Guy Who Made the Right Choice for America

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Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Altering Votes

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Would You Like Fries With Your Election?

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Don't Forget to Vote Wednesday, November 7th to Get Your FREE iPhone!

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Every Party Needs A Pooper

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The Battle of the Decade Takes Place In This Quaint Little Chart

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Jefferson County Ballot Misspells "United States"

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Romney Told Bosses to Tell Their Employees How to Vote

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Vote 4 Stuff

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It's Internet Voter Registration Day

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A Vote Against the Library is Like a Vote to Burn Books

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Clearly the Best Choice for 2016

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Memebase, Who Would You Choose?

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Nicki Minaj Voting for Romney

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Who Actually Votes in America?

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Mud-Slinging at its Best

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