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Funniest Memes to Convince Your Fellow Americans to Go Vote

There's a reason voting is a constitutional right...
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NY Ulster County’s “I Voted” Sticker Contest Gets Trolled as Funniest Joke Design Keeps Getting All the Votes

NY Ulster County’s “I Voted” Sticker Contest Gets Trolled as Funniest Joke Design Keeps Getting All the Votes

It currently holds over 90% of the votes—and it just got our vote!
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Memes & Tweets About Nevada's Apparent Inability To Count Votes

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You Wouldn't Get This From Any Other Guy

Funny fake sign urging voters to vote for Rick Astley for prime minister
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Tweet that reads, "Isn't it wild that the ballots from all 50 states can be counted in one night but my professors can't get my scantron graded for two weeks"
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Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018.

The 'Me Voting In 2016 Vs Me Voting In 2018' Meme Is Way Too Relatable

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Do Ittt

Tumblr caption that reads, "Voter registration" where there are checkboxes below that read, "Democratic party," "Republican party" and "Mario party;" someone comments below "Don't forget to register to vote!"
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Spam Text Convo About Voting Turns Into Hilarious Trolling

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It Will Be YUGE

Caption that reads, "Swedish TV accidentally puts subtitles from a kid's show over a political debate, and it's brilliant" above a pic of a politician on TV saying, "I will build the best sand castle in the galaxy"
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parody voting Video - 83493633

Watch This If a Celebrity PSA Is the Only Thing That Will Get You to Go Vote

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When in Doubt, Go with #2

poop voting web comics - 8967683584

Do I Have to Pick?

image president voting Do I Have to Pick?
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Too Real?

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Planning to Move to Canada if X Candidate Wins? Consider This

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I Did My Civic Duty and All I Got Was a Candidate I Didn't Want

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Is There Anything More Exciting Than Being a Historic Vote?

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