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People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Redbull is the perfect mixer
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Bartender Catches Flak For Mocking Common Drink Order

People actually drink this?
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Funny memes about drinking alcohol, getting drunk, booze | someone asks why l'm such good mood 'S CALLED DAY DRINKING CHARLIE BROWN. Peanuts Charlie Brown | hand sanitizer smells like bottom shelf vodka drank college core memory

20+ Boozy Memes Because It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

This round of memes is on us.
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This Is Actually Weirdly Accurate

Funny meme with Ariana Grande and Kendall and Kylie Jenner about being drunk and having an existential crisis at the same time
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Funny random memes.

30 Medium-Quality Memes That Reflect Our Medium-Quality Lives

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Still of Iron Giant wearing a track suit, who represents "Russia" leaning over boy, who represents "Literally any Eastern European country"
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It's The Freakin' Weekend

Funny meme about drinking, e coli, romaine.
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funny potato memes

15 Stupid Potato Memes That Celebrate The World's Most Superior Root Vegetable

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14 Russian Memes That'll Make You Want To Put On Best Track Suit

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Problem Solved!

"Please remove labels from bottles before bringing them into the exam hall" with an image of a vodka bottle
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spaghetti vodka - 8559681280
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drunk Captain Picard vodka Star Trek - 3500400128
See all captions Created by mrzohms

Drinking is Always the Right Solution

drinking vodka - 7939733504

Now That's Just Nasty

mayonnaise windex vodka gatorade - 7802241024
Created by spartan117andSully

She is a Damned Professional

airport drunk is a special sort of drunk
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Sweden Knows What's Up

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