tiktoker goes viral for his strange click movie fan art

Guy Inexplicably Obsessed with Adam Sandler's 'Click' Goes Viral for His Bizarre 'Click'-Inspired Art

Welcome to Click Tok, where Click is your bible and nothing makes sense except Click . Click will free us all.
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woman tells the stories of her hippie grandparents and mother from back in the day and is going viral

Woman Is Going Viral for Sharing Crazy Stories of Her Mom's Hippie Nomadic Childhood in a Converted Bus

From paranormal encounters to avoiding a car crash with mysterious ways, the '70s were a wild time.
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bagel sandwich is way too thicc due to lazy dunkin' donut employees

TikToker Goes Viral After Sharing Thicc Bagel Sandwich That Dunkin' Donuts Just Lazily Threw Together

The work might have been wrong, but the answer was correct. New viral TikTok is pointing out how sometimes Dunkin' Donuts can be so lazy, that it actually gets them more in their meal.
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viral tiktok account is rickrolling it's viewers

Viral TikToker Who Zooms-In On Places From Google Maps Is Rickrolling It's Viewers

Rickrolling has made its way to the 21st century app TikTok. This man will never go away. He is taking over TikTok, his last branch of taking over the entire Internet, and next he will take over the world.
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tiktokers show and explain how anxiety feels to them through viral tiktok trend

New Trend has TikTokers Explaining and Showing What Their Anxiety Feels like to Them

A full glass sitting halfway off the ledge of a table; A pot over boiling with water; The feeling of your body filling up with buzzing bees—anxiety can come in many different experiences.
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man is going viral for biting into a full bread bowl, causing debate on the correct way of eating it

Man Goes Viral After Ruthlessly Biting Into His Bread Bowl Full of Soup, Causing Controversy on the Correct Eating Technique

Do you eat the soup first and then eat the bread after the soup is finished and it's soaked up all the flavors? Or, if it's a creamy soup, do you just go straight for the chomp to get an instant flavor combo of bread and soup? TikTok debates.
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New Viral Video has TikToker Joking About Waffle House, but Viewers Are Stoke on Its Vine Quality

TikToker Posts a Funny Video of a Broken Waffle House Sign and Is Now Going Viral for Bringing the "Vine Vibe" Back

“Vine, is that you?” People are so excited about this viral video bringing back the dead app's vibe. Something simple, no more than 5 seconds, and extremely silly is helping satisfy an itch most TikTokers didn't even know they had.
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ADHD tiktok is going viral with sounds that describe how it feels

"How ADHD Sounds": Mashups and Soundbites Trending on TikTok Right Now That Are Helping the World Understand ADHD

The possibilities are endless when it comes to “how” ADHD sounds, but some TikTokers are really hitting the nail on the head and helping people who don't have ADHD understand a little better.
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viral tiktok profile making demonc furby cult videos called Levi the Furby King, trending

Levi the Furby King is the Nihilistic Demon Cult Leader Going Viral on TikTok Right Now

What happened to the days when Furbies were sweet innocent toys keeping lonely kids company? Now, they're evil cult leaders rallying TikTokers to the depths of the under world??
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Funny trending sound on TikTok, makes people accidentally be irresponsible

This Week's Newest Trending Sound on TikTok Has People Hilariously Tripping Into Avoiding Their Responsibilities

People are trying to get work done, follow diets, be responsible, but Bruno Mars' “Talking to the Moon” is ruining that for TikTokers—the song has people tripping right back into old habits.
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U.S. Public School System Being Scrutinized in Viral TikTok Reviewing Gross School Lunches

Student Hilariously Reviews His School's Sad Cafeteria Food on TikTok Sparking Debate on the American School System

One commenter said, “I've seen better food in prison.”
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Thirst Traps Flood the Comment Section of Putin Instagrams

"Vladdy Daddy Stop War Plz": Gen Z Is Trolling Vladimir Putin On Instagram With Thirst Comments

Is this a new form of protest?
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Oddly Satisfying and Soothing: Snow Removal TikTok, Viral Videos

Oddly Satisfying and Soothing: Snow Removal TikTok

Who else is on the calming #SnowRemovalTok?
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Duolingo Has Become Unhinged on TikTok, They're the Unexpected Masters of this Silly Little App

Duolingo Has Become Completely Unhinged on TikTok, They're the Unexpected Kings of this Silly Little App

"Just an owl tryna vibe."
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Viral TikTok from stuntman tells a story from working on a McDonald's commercial and why marine biologists are so cool

Holy Crap, Marine Biologists Are Total Tough Guys: Viral TikTok Tells Story of Dolphin Attack During a McDonald's Commercial

A stunt double tells the story of how marine biologists can take on a dolphin.
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Boyfriend drinks roofied drink meant for his girlfriend, goes viral on tiktok

Dude Drinks Roofies Meant for His Girlfriend, TikTok Video Goes Viral and Sparks Debate

“You think it's funny to let your girlfriend flirt with strangers for your drinks and you get a roofietini."
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