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Woman Deep-Fries Husband’s Pet Arowana After He Fails to Clean Its Tank

Some people go to marriage counseling if there's a conflict in the relationship. Others deep-fry their spouse's endangered pet fish to teach them a lesson. That's exactly what TikToker @miakurniawan01 did after her husband failed to clean his expensive pet arowana's tank. The Asian arowana is an endangered species, banned from keeping as a pet in the United States. But in Indonesia, the rare fish can sell for up to $300,000. The Asian arowana is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. I can
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Video of Baby Monkey and Tiny Goat Just Vibing Together Charms the Internet

Something out of a literal fairytale
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Hunk Rescues Sheep From Barbed Wire, Inspiring Thirst & Admiration

Almost nothing makes women more thirsty than a hot guy with an animal. Except for a hot guy literally saving an animal. And boy, oh boy, are we feeling thirsty today. Incredible — Dudes Posting Their W’s (@DudespostingWs) September 22, 2021 We first came across this viral video through the wholesome “ Dudes Posting Their Ws ” account - and rightfully so. The instance of a hunky, muscular dude (we're ignoring the man-bun ) rushing to save a bucking sheep from its barbe…
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Demi Adejuyigbe Wishes Everyone a Happy September 21st for the Last Time

We will always remember
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Gross Viral Pregnancy Reveal Proves Content Farms Are Even More Shameless Than We Imagined

For many a devastatingly conventional heterosexual couple, a pregnancy reveal can be of the happiest milestones in their relationship. If they're the influencing type, they might even find a creative way to share the news on social media and presumably pre-plan the elaborate gender reveal in a few months' time. The Insta announcement from your high school bully might be cringe inducing enough, but we've got some bad news: the prank content creators have decided to get in on the game. After bein…
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Sisters get backlash for filming TikTok rick and morty dance, viral, mom's death, mom's funeral, mother's funeral, yikes, cringe, dancing, tiktok dances

Sisters Do 'Rick and Morty' TikTok Dance At Mother's Funeral, Ignite Criticism

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Clever 'Matrix Resurrections' Interactive Website Generates Thousands of Unique Teasers

What is real? How do you define ‘real?’ On , the new interactive website promoting The Matrix Resurrections , the choice is yours. Reality can be whatever you want. All you have to do is click the red pill or the blue pill. At first, the website seems to offer a simple choice between two different teasers. But after spending some time on the site, it becomes clear that there's a lot more going on. For one, the footage generated is different depending on the minute you click,…
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Milk Crate Challenge: The Viral Trend That’s Breaking Backs and Captivating the Internet

Mario makes bouncing around on precarious surfaces look so easy, but anyone who's participated in the new viral 'milk crate challenge' probably has the scars to prove otherwise. The rules of the milk crate challenge are pretty simple—all you have to do is walk up and down a wobbly makeshift staircase of milk crates without falling on your face. Although some freaks with excellent balance and core strength have managed to make it look easy, in most cases, those who accept the challenge end up pl…
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Spiteful Boomers Shame Young Women for Wearing Skirts, Karen Gets Roasted

When you've got a bunch of strangers existing in public together, things can suddenly turn ugly given the right combination of elements. Recently, a viral TikTok was shared on r/PublicFreakout , and the scene that unfolds feels almost like a meme in itself: a boomer, a Karen , and a couple of OnlyFans zoomers in an airport—this was never going to turn out well. The audio is pretty faint, so we've done our best to transcribe the video: Young woman 1: You must be really attracted to my ass since …
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Karen Throws a Tantrum Over 'Emotional Support Dog' in Restaurant

"I'm not leaving, I'm calling the police"
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Viral video Kevin HArt, Don Cheadle, age, raections, gullible, hart to heart, peacock.

Kevin Hart's Tiff With Don Cheadle Reveals How Gullible the Internet Is

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Angry Neighbor Publicly Freaks Out, Becomes Relatable Twitter Meme

If it happens, chances are it'll get meme'd
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Funny video of Karen complain about Tigger flag on viral TikTok video, neighborhood, old lady, entitled

Joyless Karen Complains About Neighbor's Tigger Flag

"We have rules."
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Passenger Assaults Flight Attendants & Screams About Being Rich, Gets Duct Taped to Seat

Yikes, bro
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Next Level Olympians Who Seem to Defy the Laws of Physics

Whether you're a fan of sports or not, there are unarguably few worldwide events as tense, polarizing, or emotionally charged as the Olympic Games. We see superheroes on TV, but hidden behind the scenes are years of grueling preparation. Most wouldn't be able to handle the emotional pressure and physical stress that comes with training to compete in the Olympics , and it's pretty incredible that many of these athletes manage to make it look easy. We don't have to tell anyone that it's anything …
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Generous Chef Cooks Nutritious Meals For A Whole Town

Faith in humanity: restored
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