Not a Vampire, I Don't Care

bosses equation infographic mutant Pirate vampire zombie - 4562086656
By Evertide

Rise From Your Coffin!

cedric diggory edward cullen Harry Potter Pie Chart twilight vampire - 4529776640
By noimaginationtocreateaname

Hosni Mubarak Totally Looks Like The Count

egypt evil Hosni Mubarak muppets vampire - 4448515328
By aho4th

Y U NO Guy: Twilight

edward cullen lore twilight vampire Y U No Guy - 4299094272
See all captions By Unknown

Dracula Looks a Little Different

costume halloween Impending Doom photobomb scary vampire - 4121820160
By Unknown


frankenstein monster mythology religion vampire venn diagram zombie - 3771954176
By Unknown

Bride of Troll

bride facebook twilight vampire - 4062439680
By Unknown


Blood help self vampire - 4012833280
By TheNovella

Know Your Vampire Hunter

best of week funny Hall of Fame infographic monster vampire - 6354478848
By Unknown
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