Funny memes about the end of the college semester, christmas break, grades, failing, university.

29 Memes That Perfectly Describe The End Of Semester Struggle

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Funny listicle about twitter debate over how to properly cut toast, Sheffield Hallam university, party, food, bread.

A University Club Night Has Sparked An Intense Twitter Debate Over The Proper Way To Cut Toast

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The struggle is real

Funny meme about not being able to afford a tree because you are in school.
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Pretty Much

Funny meme about university regarding university life using depressing wikipedia entry.
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Funny memes about college and university, essays, assignments, classes, for college students. Cover photo is a meme of a dog walking itself, for when you need to teach yourself a subject because your teacher is so useless.

34 More College Memes That Are Painfully Relatable

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Funny memes about college, studying, coffee, university, exams, papers, cover is a chart of how much coffee you need to get through various tasks.

15 Memes That Perfectly Embody The Pains Of Being A Student

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Collection of funny memes about college

22 Throwback Memes That Perfectly Describe Clueless College Freshmen

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List of funny memes about finals week, college, school, university, anime, tests, sleep, spongebob, work, failing, semesters, the matrix.

16 Memes That Perfectly Describe the Agony of Finals Week

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This Semester Needs to End

Student asking teacher if there's anything he can do to bring up his graede, teacher says "it's may" meaning the month, he takes it to mean she is correcting his language.
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If Only I Had 3 Hands

Funny meme of man reading multiple books at once, compared to students trying to learn the whole year's worth of material before exams.
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Everything is Fine

Basically how the semester is going: guy is showing off a giant sandwich and then it completely falls apart. Funny meme showing that the semester is going badly.
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Funny meme of dog with graduation outfit on, expressing the anxieties of student debt from college.
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list texas win school university - 704517

A Dead Cockroach Got the Shrine It Deserved (From College Students, in the Middle of a Hallway)

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R is for...

Pokémon Team Rocket university - 8570946560
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Uses of tin foil at university:

food pirates school university - 1671512320
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Grammar Rage

university grammar - 7064541952
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