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17 Memes That Sum Up The Rollercoaster That Is Finals Week

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religious college censors art book

Christian College Censors The Nudity In Classical Artwork And The Results Are Freaking Hysterical

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guy lies about paying for college by himself and gets called out

Entitled Dude Gets Called Out After Falsely Claiming That He Paid His Own Way Through College

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college major students

'What's Your Major?' Tweets Are Leaving College Students Feeling Personally Attacked

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twitter university scantron clever trending memes twitter memes test funny tweets college exams finals - 8009989

These Clever Scantron Memes Will Trigger Any Student Who's Taken A Multiple-Choice Exam

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They Say Honesty Is The Best Policy

Tweet that reads, "I'm in the library and there's a boyfriend helping his girlfriend study and I've been overhearing parts of their conversation for the last hour and he just said, 'Babe I'm gonna be honest with you, you're going to fail this test. I love you, but there's nothing we can do about it now.' I'm dead"
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Tweet that reads, "[Dolphin taking scantron test] above a scantron sheet with all of the E options filled out
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16 College Memes And Tweets For The Student Who Just Needs A GD Break

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roasting rich people college applications

Twitter Users Are Roasting The Rich By Joking About The 'Legit' Ways They Got Into College

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scandal twitter news university youtube headline tv shows reactions controversy celeb college full house bribe rich people - 7929349

Aunt Becky Is Getting Meme'd And Roasted For Bribing Her Spoiled Daughter's Way Into College

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Finally It's In Words

Tweet that reads, "A guy in class got called on to answer a question and after a short pause he says 'Hang on, I'm not dumb I'm just panicking.' I felt that. The guy next to me felt that. Your mom felt that. The world felt that"
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Real Tasty

Caption that reads, "Me before every test" above pics of a guy drinking "dumb juice"
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I Have No Idea What's Going On

Caption that reads, "Everyone else: Actually understanding the class; Me: ..." above a pic of a cute fluffy dog looking confused
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30 Relatable School Memes That'll Take You Right Back To Hell

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I Never Said I Was *Admitted* There

Tweet that reads, "Job interviewer: 'It says on your resume that you went to Cambridge University;' Me: Yeah, I was visiting my sister'"
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All Students Know This Feeling

Stills of Spongebob telling Patrick to get a jar; Patrick gets a pickle and Spongebob says, "Patrick, that's a pickle;" Tumblr comment below that reads, "When you have no idea what the f*ck is going on in class anymore"
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