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Fancy Meeting You Here

Funny meme featuring a still from Bill Wurtz's "History of the World" regarding when the US finds out when another country has oil: image of boats in the sea and text that reads"knock knock it's the united states."
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What Do You Do With This Information?

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Trust Me, You Don't Want to Visit Most of the United States

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And Rising

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No Hablo United States

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The Language of the Land

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The United States Makes No Geographical Sense

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The Unated Stated of Amarece

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What Every US State Watches

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What Every US State Wants, According to Google Autocomplete

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Chart of the Day: Name Origins of the 50 States

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No Hablo United States

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Florida Always Has to Be Different, We Should Just Cut it Off from the U.S.

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Watch this Map Show You the Most Popular US Boys' Names Since 1960

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The United States Government Reopens

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How Far Away is Iowa?

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