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America First

Funny meme that reads, "Aliens in movies" above an image of Buzz Lightyear saying, "Hmm yes the earth here is made out of of USA"
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Funny random memes and tweets | stock photo of a brick wall being built Mexico after seeing mess US: | whole world Indian tutorials Ferris wheel held by a pile of blocks

50 Memes To Help You Fritter Your Time Away

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Funny memes about the Midwest | usa map fact Wisconsin hasn't taken over upper peninsula Michigan tells everything need know about those cowards ONTARIO SOTA WISCONSIN MICHIGAN WA | Let slip into something little more cornfortable sexy corn costume

Fifteen Midwestern Memes For The Ranch Addicts

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american healthcare memes, health insurance memes | Please help him, he's dying does he have insurance tho Pokemon Pikachu nurse Joy | Jason O. Gilbert O @gilbertjasono traveled all over this great country and Americans are clear: They love finishing up their 14-hour shifts Amazon warehouse by driving until sunrise Uber all so they can afford single vial Insulin

17 American Healthcare Memes That'll Remind You To Never Ever Get Sick

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Funny dank memes about Canada, being Canadian | bane vs pink guy: living Canada thinking l'll be safe WII Canada being biggest ally America. pleased sully Canadians: Ugh Americans are so fat they eat so many burgers, especially fries Chef puts Gravy and Cheese Curds on Fries Canadians

Canadian Memes To Get You Canucks Through The Winter

We hear you like memes, eh?
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Funny memes about the American Revolutionary War | Nurse: Sir been coma since 1776 can't wait see American Revolution Crushed by might our army. colonists: could stop taxing us British about suck our IMPERIAL NUTS

Revolutionary War Memes For The American History Geeks

We don't get enough American history memes - it's always about those damn Europeans.
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Assorted memes from the r/dankmemes subreddit, dank memes, edgy memes, spicy memes, memes about war, iran memes, meme about wwii art schools featuring michael scott from the office, despicable me meme | gru pointing a gun: Oh so U.S? Name every oil field. smiling michael scott: Art schools looking at any painting after WWIII LOVE !

Fresh & Dank Memes With The Right Amount Of Edge

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Would Watch

funny memes, stupid memes, random memes, dank memes, iran, united states, wwiii, karens | "i need to speak to the manager of Iran" return of Karen
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She's our only hope.
Funny dank memes about Switzerland during a hypothetical World War III | Switzerland during World War II: woman in a shirt that says JUST HOPE BOTH TEAMS HAVE FUN. pics of a person representing Switzerland jumping between walls: floor is World War III.

Switzerland's Neutrality Roasted With Dank Memes About World War III

About time to pack up and move to Switzerland we think.
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We Ride At Dawn

Funny 'Me and the Boys' meme that reads, "Me and the boys pulling up to World War III" above a pic of the boys riding a militarized Cybertruck
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Quick Maths

Funny emme about health insurance costs in the united states.
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Depressingly Accurate

Funny meme about how other countries have free healthcare and the United States does not
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Funny memes about tweets about Trump wanting to purchase Greenland

Trump Apparently Wants To Buy Greenland, Gets Roasted & Toasted Over It

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It's His Right To Be There

Funny meme about a bear wandering into a town hall meeting in California
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31 Midwestern Memes You Can Dowse With Ranch Dressing

31 Midwestern Memes You Can Douse With Ranch Dressing

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Video of people in all 50 states demonstrating their state's accent

50 People Hilariously Demonstrate Their State's Accent

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