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A compilation of strange British photos and memes

Bloody Brilliant British Images

British people get a lot of slack from Americans online. They get roasted for their teeth, food , and accents in ways that nearly always come off as hacky. Like we get it, Brits put peas and beans on foods that are largely incomprehensible to the Yankee mind and stomach, but can we let it rest? British culture through the American lens can lean somewhat limited. Personally, my primary outlets for learning about British culture have been heavily influenced by memes and internet pop culture: Harr…
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Funny and mean memes about great britain, the united kingdom, history memes | Mr. Mince N Tatties @kingcoonta all UK eats like Germans are still flying overhead Mel @Melfyx best homemade dinner on planet. English students studying entirety their country's history Are we baddies?

Roasty British Memes For Your Tea-Time Scrolling

Bloody brilliant content
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Funny store names, double entendres, international stores, dollar stores, poundland

Existence of 'Poundland' Delights Americans, Inspires Immature Thread of Unintentional Double Entendres

Dollar Tree. Dollar General. Family Dollar. 99 Cents and Up. Discount stores here in the United States are not very inspired in the name department. And they really don't have to be. They serve their purpose: to provide inexpensive necessities to people who really, really need them. Over in the UK, we'd wager people feel similarly about the names of their own bargain businesses. But that's just because across the pond the word “pound” refers to currency instead of, um, doing the nasty. hi twitt…
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TalkRadio host Mike Graham mocked by Cameron Ford for saying we can grow concrete, Insulate Britain, environmental activism

TalkRadio Host Mike Graham Humiliated For Claiming You Can Grow Concrete

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food, avocado toast, millennials, london, city, expensive, reddit, money, debate

Measly $11 Avocado Toast Unites Redditors In Horror

Cue the property buying jokes
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STupid and funny headlines from the united kingdom, news, humor, stupidity, entitled, uk news

15+ Mental Headlines Imported From the UK

Not the Onion, we swear.
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cake businesses united kingdom united states get baked sprinkles illegal-sprinkles leeds food coloring america UK funny - 15446277

Snarky Bakery Owner Loses It After Being Reported For Using 'Illegal Sprinkles'

Apparently we've been living the good life here in the United States and we didn't even know it. No, we're not referring to healthcare. We're talkin' sprinkles. Colorful specks of sugar that adorn everything from ice cream cones to a doughnuts. Apparently in the United Kingdom , American sprinkles are illegal as they contain food colorings found to cause thyroid problems and hyperactivity in children. The FDA doesn't find the same warning necessary. That's probably because more hyperactivity =…
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cheese, food, gross, kraft singles, american cheese, america, britain, united kingdom, united states, cuisine, twitter, funny twitter

Kraft Single Slander Restarts Furious Debate About US And UK Food

There's no denying that while we may share a language and a misguided pride in our national identity, the so-called 'special relationship' between the United Kingdom and the United States can be a strained one. Nobody really got over all that tea being dumped in the sea hundreds of years ago, but these days, the gripes are less tax-focused and more about pointless culture wars. Social media has never been able to resist a fight about how the other half lives, and there is no more emotive topic …
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Funny Twitter thread about rage against the machine accidentally announcing that they are playing a show at a book shop in london | tweet LRB LRB Bookshop @LRBbookshop BOOKSHOP so rage against machine just announced their european tour dates and were shocked discover apparently they are playing at bookshop on august 14th. first heard having an emergency staff meeting now about can make this work Aug. 2 Raleign, N.C PNC Arena Aug. 4 Washington, D.C Capital One Arena Aug. 7 Camden, N.J

Rage Against The Machine Mistakenly Lists Book Shop As Tour Venue, Twitter Hilarity Ensues

This book shop's got jokes.
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Let's Go

Funny meme about Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle duking it out with a video game
Via u/Sgtpeperolly

She's Immortal

Funny meme, dank memes, Long live the queen, and i took that personally, queen elizabeth II, royal family
Via u/dontsaymango
Funny meme about united kingdom humor | UK Virus ALERT English are feeling pinch relation recent virus threat and have therefore raised their threat level Miffed Peeved Soon, though level may be raised yet again Irritated" or even Bit Cross English have not been Bit Cross" since blitz 1940 tea supplies nearly ran out virus has been re-categorized Tiresome Bloody Nuisance last time British issued Bloody Nuisance" warning level 1588 threatened by Spanish Armada Scots have raised their threat level

Coronavirus Meets Classic Stereotypes In Funny Post

Laughter is the best medicine.
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Funny tweets from novelty Twitter account 'Very British Problems' | Tweet VeryBritishProblems T@SoVeryBritish "Thanks lot sounds sarcastic "Thanks sounds annoyed "Thanks bunch sounds furious 09/03/2015 19:32 3,145 RETWEETS 3,709 FAVOURITES

Twenty-Two 'Very British Problems' For The Limeys

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Funny memes and tweets about 'getting ready for Brexit'

Brits 'Get Ready For Brexit' By Mocking It To Shreds

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funny history memes

20 History Memes For Anyone Sick Of Poring Over Textbooks

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scottish Pokémon wtf scottish slang anime dank memes united kingdom British UK accent gaming nintendo jo38ma3 - 7878917

'Scottish Pokemon Trainer' Is The Latest WTF Dank Meme To Grace The Internet

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