It's Foolproof

Tweet that reads, "New Tinder idea: upload all my photos upside down so girls turn their phone to look at them, obviously realize I am ugly and swipe left but of course that's now actually right, bing bang boom match"
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Eh, F*ck It

Caption that reads, "Wrapping Christmas presents: beginning of the roll vs. end of the roll" above a pic of a neatly wrapped present next to a pic of a present wrapped scantily with wrapping paper
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No It's Art

Caption that reads, "This is truly one of the worst pieces of home decor I've ever seen" above a picture frame with an acronym made from 'Facebook'
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Caption that reads, "When a girl breaks up with her man and says 'There's plenty of fish in the sea' her inbox be popping like..." above four pics of very ugly deep-sea fish
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bad taxidermy ugly funny animals - 1761541

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Glad We Got That Sorted Out!

photos ugly image - 8991217152
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parenting Memes ugly - 8991209472
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What Happened?

image dory ugly What Happened?
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So She Was Right!

web comics ugly sad So She Was Right!
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Sorry Buddy, That's Just Life

web comics ugly genie Sorry Buddy, That's Just Life
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Treat Yo Selfie...To Some Filters

funny animal image of ugly hairless cat who stays positive
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That's One Way to Get Rear-Ended

hi ugly license plate
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You Know What Happens When You Assume

web comics aliens You Know What Happens When You Assume
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If You're Having a Bad Day, Remember This

funny memes attractive to 400 million
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Criss Angel's Stupid Hair Cut Totally Looks Like Kate Gosselin's Stupid Hair Cut

Criss Angel hair hair cut kate gosselin reality stars ugly - 4580901376
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