A compilation of tweets reacting to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face reveal

Funniest Tweets Reacting To Minecraft YouTuber Dream's Face Reveal

Some say that the closest thing to a real-life superhero/supervillain is Twitter user dril. He's anonymous, has a platform he usues for good, and has an iconic look. Nobody knows who he is, but we all secretly want to know who is really behind that blurry picture, sunglasses, and hilarious tweets. The same could be said for Minecraft YouTuber “Dream” who, until yesterday, had never shown his face to his 30 million subscribers. For years, Dream has been building his gaming empire behind smiley f…
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hair, haircut, bad hair, bad haircut, hairstyle, awkward, ugly

Nightmare Haircuts That Bring Shame on Follicle-Havers Everywhere

They're not a look
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Guy solves gender conflicts by telling people to be nicer to each other in viral tiktok

Dude Solves The Gender Wars With Genius TikTok

If you've been online at all since 2015, you have likely encountered discourse about gender and dating that is, at best, kind of strange and, at worst, explicitly violent. These micro-discourses can be summed up with the all-encompassing phrase, “The Gender Wars.” Now, if you're a normal person and not extremely online, you might wonder what that is. According to a most reliable source, The Gender Wars occur when “you have women pushing the narrative that all men are misogynistic, cheaters, abu…
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Millennials Compare Their Awkward-Fugly-Braces Middle School Era to Middle School Gen-Z’s Perfect Make-up Tutorials and Viral Dance Trend Phase and It’s Not Pretty

Millennials Compare Their Awkward-Fugly-Braces Middle School Era to Middle School Gen-Z’s Perfect Make-up Tutorials and Viral Dance Trend Phase and It’s Not Pretty

Not a single Limited Too t-shirt in sight…
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Funny stories about ugly tattoos

Tattoo Artists Share the Most Messed Up Pieces They've Done For Clients

Tattoo artists have seen things. We're not just talking butts, boobs, or other oft-covered body parts. They've seen bad, bad decisions immortalized on humans who just want to watch the world burn. And while there are plenty of sites that feature bad tattoos , sometimes we like to hear the story behind them from the person who had to do the damn thing. Yesterday, redditor u/carlden3 asked the tattoo artists of the site to share the most f****ed up pieces they've ever done for customers. Some of…
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art, music, aesthetic, style, bad, ugly, opinion, tattoo, makeup, vehicle, tiktok

People Call Out All The Aesthetics They Hate With “This Style Sucks” Trend

So much ugly
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Cringey ugly design, interior design

Cringey & Criminal Design Offenses

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No Hesitation

Funny tumblr meme about someone offering $200 for being ugly | if someone gave you $200 because "you're ugly" would you take the money?. void-sapphic absolutely. Im ugly not stupid
Via u/Butterfly_Books
brutal cartoon roasts | unflattering caricature roasting a girl with thick thighs

Cartoonist Brutally Roasts Redditors By Sketching Their Ugliest Features

These roastees definitely have guts!
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Foolproof Birth Control

Funny stock photo meme featuring a doctor and a patient where the patient wonders if he is sterile and the doctor replies that he will never have kids because he is ugly
Via CodyBurkett

Wow Didn't Expect To Be This Personally Attacked

Funny tweet about the reasons one might not like getting their photo taken, which includes feeling deeply self-conscious | when i say please don't take a picture of me it's not because i'm being bitchy and stubborn it's because if i see that picture i will seriously feel so bad about myself and think i am the ugliest thing on earth
Via meowmeowmix
Funny memes that make fun of mcmansions

Memes That Riff On The McMansion Aesthetic

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Funny dank memes about Elon Musk's new Cybertruck

Elon Musk's 'Cybertruck' Looks Stupid AF

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I'm Ugly :(

Funny classical art meme about how you look in the mirror versus how you look in photos
Via meowmeowmix

Can't Fail

Funny Tumblr post about telling people how ugly you are, only to later reveal that you are okay-looking
Via meowmeowmix

Got 'Em

Tweet that reads, "Swearing is so unattractive;" Seth Rogan replies below, "I'm already unattractive so mind your f*cking business"
Via jaiddd29
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