Bad timing

im here for you uber driver to pick you up
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Wishful Thinking

Funny meme about thinking your uber driver is a friend.
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Dare To Dream This Weekend

Funny meme about being drunk and getting your uber driver to stop at McDonald's.
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Cookie Monster's Dream, Shattered

Cookie Monster uber Sesame Street - 9071759360
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Some Things Are Not Okay

when your friend starts getting weird in the uber
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The GPS Got All Messed Up

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Wow, This Ride Sharing Company Looks Great

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I Refuse to Become One of Those 'Murdered by an Uber Driver' People

image uber photo I Refuse to Become One of Those 'Murdered by an Uber Driver' People
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drive uber parody Video - 80189441

This Is Probably Why They Haven't Really Made a Sequel to 'Drive'

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This Guy Pranked His Uber Driver by Becoming a Totally Different Person

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The Struggle Is Real

uber memes drinking The Struggle Is Real
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Looks Like Bruce Wayne's Got Some Extra Time on His Hands

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PSA: Don't be Any of These Kinds of Uber Passengers

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Uber Drag is the Best New Way to Get to Work

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Quit Creeping, Uber Support

funny memes no snitching uber

Every Day I'm Hustlin' (Before, After, and Possibly During My Uber Fares)

funny memes uber not a snitch
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