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Uber Saved Lance Armstrong From Financial Ruin

The only driver that accepts tips intravenously.
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Anger-inducing video of a lady yelling out at her Uber driver

Total Karen Flips Out On Poor Uber Driver Over Nothing

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Funny memes and tweets that mock 'Kidz Bop Karen'

'Kidz Bop Karen' Is The Latest Laughing Stock On The Internet

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Thirty-Five Amusing Memes To Cure Your Monday Ails

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Quality Memes That Won't Leave You Bored (25 Images)

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funny Honest Logos that will shame people, netflix is nosleepnosex, Viktor Herz.

24 'Honest Logos' That'll Trigger Most Consumers

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funny uber stories

23 Ridiculous Things Overheard By Amused Uber Drivers

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The Perils of Uber

Funny meme about looking for uber outside of club, Sailor moon.
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Dat Millennial Life

Tweet that reads, "Being a Millennial in 2018 means getting a bad Uber ride and still giving the guy five stars because you understand that this is his livelihood and you don't want to jeopardize that"
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The Best Kind Of Uber

Funny tweet about uber driver, 5 stars, silence.
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Caption that reads, "When you're drunk in the back of a cab and the driver asks you for directions" above a pic of a Furby with one eye open and the other half-closed
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Way Better Than An Uber

Caption that reads, "Screw Uber! It's Friday night! Don't drink and drive. Message me and I'll come get you in a 2000 Ford F-250 4x4, with a case of beer in a cooler in the back. blasting Skynyrd on the speakers, and I'll holler 'Hell yeah brother!' at everything you say" above a pic of a guy looking out the window of his truck
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27 Amusing Memes & Posts That'll Fill Your Inner Void

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Funny random tweets.

27 Clever Tweets For Bored People

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I Hope Dinesh Knew How To Swim

Text message conversation that shows an Uber driver apparently driving in a body of water
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Funny band aid memes, dank memes, garlic bread, sex, porn, hentai.

14 Healing Band-Aid Memes That'll Solve Your Problems

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