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'I only leave my apartment the aesthetic way': Entitled Woman Gets Roasted After Making Uber Driver Wait

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20 Funniest Boozy Memes for Degenerates Keen on Wrecking the Weekend With Debauchery and Happy Hour Drinks

A hangover happens because you're borrowing happiness from the morning and using it for your nighttime fun.
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Venture Capitalist Roasted For Whining Over Cost of 4-Block Uber to Olive Garden

Once upon a time, before Uber, before cell phones, and before the Internet, people used to walk places. At least that's what we hear. As a city-dweller who doesn't own (and can't drive) a car, and someone who is perpetually late , I've taken my fair share of stressed-out Ubers. But I draw the line at any trip that I could walk, train, or bus in less than 20 minutes. The thing is, there are plenty of people in this city with lots more money than me, and they seem to have forgotten how to walk or…
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Tech Bro Roasted for Whining About Uber Trip From Manhattan to Philly

Take a train
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Tech Bro Gets Roasted for Review of Elon Musk's 'Vegas Loop' Underground Road

Like taxis, but worse
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'Why is X the Cheapest Option' Memes for Those Perpetually Baffled About Uber Prices

Travel in style
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New Yorker Shocked to Realize Helicopter is Cheapest Uber Option

Traveling in style
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Funniest Memes for People Who Survive on UberEats and DoorDash

Funny Memes for People Who Survive on UberEats and DoorDash

Can I get a promo code for this?
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Uber Customer Acts Up During Ride, Driver Gets Perfect Revenge

Got what he deserved
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After Getting Robbed At Festival Woman Spends Day Playing Detective With Uber Driver Searching For Her Belongings

After Getting Robbed at Festival, Woman Spends Day Playing Detective and Hanging with Uber Driver While Searching for her Belongings

Guardian Angel Raul To The Rescue
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Uber Saved Lance Armstrong From Financial Ruin

The only driver that accepts tips intravenously.
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Anger-inducing video of a lady yelling out at her Uber driver

Total Karen Flips Out On Poor Uber Driver Over Nothing

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Funny memes and tweets that mock 'Kidz Bop Karen'

'Kidz Bop Karen' Is The Latest Laughing Stock On The Internet

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Thirty-Five Amusing Memes To Cure Your Monday Ails

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Quality Memes That Won't Leave You Bored (25 Images)

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funny Honest Logos that will shame people, netflix is nosleepnosex, Viktor Herz.

24 'Honest Logos' That'll Trigger Most Consumers

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