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20+ Hilarious Typos and Unique Sentences That Boggle the Mind

They have meaning
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25+ Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (April 28, 2024)

Nice design fail bro
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30 Typing Errors We Don't Want Autocorrect To Fix

Someone call Scripps!
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15+ Wild Typos That Truly Boggle the Mind

Spleling good
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Nonsensical Typing Mishaps That Are as Amusing as They Are Strange

Some great snetences
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Amusing Thread Recounts Awkward Typos That Happened at Exactly the Wrong Time

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15+ People Who Failed Catastrophically At Using A Keyboard

Typing is hrad
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30 Typos That Created Hilarious New Meanings

Bone Apple Tea
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20+ Times Keyboards Were Artistic Mediums Instead of Communication Devices

I cn sllep just fien.
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25 Misspellings & Malapropisms That Led to Accidental Comedy

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That's A Pretty Bad Typo...

Funny news headline that reads, "Autocorrect nightmare: typo in Bill C-45 legalizes cannibalism instead of cannabis
Via NicholasRyan22

Oh God!

Newspaper weather forecast that says tomorrow will be "dark" above a black box; Tumblr comment below reads, "Tomorrow we enter the void"
Via tacosharks

So Irritating

Caption that reads, "When caps lock is on and you hold shift on the first letter" above a pic of a regular-sized guy's body in a suit with a tiny photoshopped head of a child
Via ThisWasABadChoice

Facebook Emergency

typo trolling facebook misspelling social media - 8804733440
Via EndangeredComic

Finally a Position I'm Qualified For

work experience Finally a Position I'm Qualified For
Via dutchster

Better Open a Window

funny memes fartly cloudy
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