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Funny twitter story about someone who ordered pizza to help his upstairs neighbor catch her boyfriend cheating. | TheeDreadGod @TheeDreadGod delivery driver her Boyfriend be cheating while she at work so placed Story Time: My neighbors Pizza an order so she can come home catch him act RISE EAt NST EVERY BITE SALTH

Twitter Story Details Dude's Plot To Expose Neighbor's Cheating Boyfriend

This one's for the books.
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Funny story from @mistertodd, Andrew Todd, about crying in the arms of Keanu Reeves.

Director's Touching Story of Weeping in Keanu's Arms Confirms that Reeves is a Straight Up Angel

Montreal-based writer and director Andrew Todd is officially on our hit list. He hasn't committed any serious crimes against our soul, but he has had the blessing of weeping in the arms of John Wick 3 star Keanu Reeves. We're just so jealous that he's been touched by the living, breathing, and villain-slaying meme. Todd hopped on Twitter to share this heartwarming and nerdy tale, and now we're here to share it with you.
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A compilation of tweets predicting and mourning the end of Twitter

The Funniest #RIPTwitter Tweets Prematurely Mourning The Bird App

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a Pop Crave announcement. Last night, chaos erupted on Twitter dot com. Several sources reported that Twitter insiders claimed the public version of the app might not last for longer than a week. Since Elon Musk took over the company and began firing huge numbers of employees, the future of the website has become increasingly uncertain. Brands, advertisers, and longtime Twitter users began ditching their a…
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A compilation of funny tweets reacting to Twitter Blue

The Funniest Reactions To Twitter Users Paying For Verification

Twitter Blue has arrived
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Funny twitter thread about fucked up family

20+ Funny & Disturbing Stories of Family Antics

Childhood - especially with siblings - can be pretty nuts. And we're not sure if kids are nuts simply because of their imaginations or if they're just regular people without a seasoned moral compass. Either way, this Twitter thread from @lukasbattle leaves us feeling like our families' squabbles were very, very normal. From tales of sleepwalking sisters wielding knives to tying up a little brother and locking him in the basement, these stories are sure to make you laugh - and may very well cree…
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Funny stories that sounds fake but are true from twitter

People Share True Stories About Themselves That Sound Made Up

Every week we go on about how crazy of a place Twitter is. A meeting of the minds, if you can call it that. There are people from all over the country, and all over the world, flocking together to talk about current events, internet drama, celebrities, and (of course) politics. Everyone from precocious 13-year-olds to 85-year-old celebrities seems to be into the site/app. Because of that, there are an awful lot of interesting stories to be found floating around the abyss. And every now and then…
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Funny three part twitter story from @sixthformpoet, classic twitter thread, tweets, funny tweets, wholesome, love, death, visiting father's grave | sixthformpoet @sixthformpoet ONE My dad died. Classic start funny story. He buried small village Sussex really close my dad so visited his grave lot still do DON'T WORRY GETS FUNNIER 11:52 09/06/2019 Twitter iPhone 175K Retweets 392K Likes

Wholesome Twitter Story Is A Whirlwind Of Good Deeds & Humor

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Funny Twitter thread that claims that the 'Golden Girls' were part of some sort of gang or crime ring | michaelharriot @michaelharriot BLACKAF This might be most controversial thing l ever tweeted but 's time America faces truth about group beloved historical figures, so here goes: Blanche, Dorothy, Rose Sophia- Golden Girls- were actually members an organized crime syndicate thread: 1:16 AM Jun 26, 2020 Twitter iPhone

Twitter Thread Argues That 'The Golden Girls' Were Actually Part Of An Organized Crime Ring

Well, we definitely never considered this theory.
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Live tweet story of millennials breaking up, dropping phone in the toilet, cringe. | Trevor S. Valle Follow @tattoosandbones THREAD just overheard one most Millennial breakups, ever. Scene apartment across alley our windows face) Intro: High-pitched voice screaming horror movie scream can only only be described as "blood curdling" Young woman S WRONG

Dude Live Tweets Millennial Cheating Saga to Hysterical Results

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Tweets about things people are still annoyed about that their teachers did growing up | Don't Call Lady @cornmaes Replying justinboldaji 4th grade teacher called front class tell no one going want marry because so annoying being bullied hard- core and she didn't believe told her so she tried convince my mom had schizophrenia and hearing shit

Salty People Talk About the Times They Got Screwed Over In School

We'd be pissed about these things too!
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Twitter thread about how HR departments choose who to interview for jobs | TheWrongNoel friend mine has been trying hire new employee her department medium-sized org. After advertising several times with few applicants, and couple rounds interviews new employee is less than great. Then she discovered there were other applicants..

Twitter Thread Details All The BS That Goes On In HR Departments

Spoiler alert: they seem kind of useless.
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Interesting Twitter thread of stories that sound fake but are actually true | tweet by MorganPielli Replying adribbleofink went Meetup people w/ social anxiety see Black Swan got there realized had no idea who there Meetup. Too shy ask around watched movie alone checked Meetup night turned out everyone else did same thing

Completely True Stories That Sound Fabricated

Let's hear 'em, people.
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funny twitter thread about train conductor that outsmarts fare-evading passenger on their way to edinburgh | Later train guard is walking through, checking tickets, and gently wakes guy Can see ticket, please Oh need buy ticket Where going, pal guy glances at his phone Edinburgh Where did get on

Train Conductor Uses Detective Work to Bust Fare-Evading Passenger

This is some serious sleuthing.
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Funny twitter thread about a kid who cons her parents, teachers, school so that she can get out of doing classes on Zoom, Jimmy Kimmel, lol, tweets

Crafty Kid Cons Adults To Get Out Of Schoolwork

This girl is going places.
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Creepy twitter story about kid discovering stranger in his kitchen, later the dude dies in the walls of the house, smells, maggots | Grady Hendrix @grady_hendrix One night May 81 ordered Fish Shrimp House waited until everyone asleep crept downstairs eat leftover sweet n'sour pork. took forever finally stepped into totally dark den let down my guard. All sudden heard fork click on counter froze microwave clock light showed outline man sitting at kitchen counter can't explain terrifying is

Eerie Twitter Story About Kid Sneaking Food & Discovering Trespasser

Brace yourself for the heebie jeebies.
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Funny and sweet twitter thread from scott hershovitz about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fantasy baseball | Scott Hershovitz @shershovitz Today happy RBG memory time talked her into talking trash OT06 clerks had fantasy baseball league. Some chambers had teams. Some individual clerks did. And Justice Alito wanted team himself, not his clerks. 1/11 | last week term Ginsburg clerks were matched against Alito's team. RBG on losing end lot term. Not this time destroyed him: 10-0.

Former Clerk Shares Wholesome Story Of RBG & Fantasy Baseball 'Trash Talk'

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