Twins are double the trouble, fun, literally double everything.... They're twins.

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'I just feel like an afterthought' Guy Gets Invited to His Twin Brother’s Surprise Birthday Party

The funny thing about twins is that they share the same birthday. It's kind of a defining characteristic of being a twin. If you know one twin's birthday, it's nearly impossible to forget the other's. Which is exactly why u/_somethingorrather was extremely confused when he got invited to attend his twin brother's surprise birthday party. On top of that, they both share the same friend group, which makes it way weirder. OP wasn't the only confused one—close friends of the twins were baffled as t…
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mother asks for advice about twins biting their bed too much, internet trolls her by leaving the funniest comments

Funniest Comment Section Sparks From a Mother of Twins Asking Parenting Advice on What to Do About Her Babies Chewing on the Crib

It just goes to show you that most millennials and Gen Z only have parenting advice when it comes to raising dogs...
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Guy tells his twin sister to never contact him again after he catches her with hanging out with his ex.

Betrayed Twin Disowns His Twin Sister When She Stays Close Friends With His Cheating Ex-Fiancée

This guy is: Ice. Farking. Cold.
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Identical Twin Uses Sister's Name for Her OnlyFans Account, Drama Ensues

When I think of identity theft , I imagine the perpetrator as an unknown, faceless shadow. I'd never expect an identity thief to be living under the same roof as me, especially a family member. This is precisely what happened to u/onlytwinsthrowaway , whose evil twin sister used her name to start an OnlyFans account. OP found out through a mutual friend, who sent a link to the account and asking if it was her. What a nightmare.
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funnies twin memes

Double Trouble of the Funniest Twin Sibling Memes Only the Identical and Fraternal Will Understand

The memes aren't the same, but the siblings they're talking about are.
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Mom with Identical Twins Spells Out How Difficult it is to Make Sure She Doesn't Mix Them Up

Mom with Identical Twins Spells Out How Difficult it is to Make Sure They Don't get Mixed Up

It is not easy
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Stories about people being charged double for an extra fetus, twins, pregnancy, insurance companies

Sobering Thread Reveals How Insurance Companies Punish Parents Who Are Expecting Twins

We all know that the healthcare system in the United States needs a lot of work. There are so many people without coverage, and the people who do have it are constantly getting screwed over by their providers. Hidden fees, expensive and unnecessary testing, and high deductibles plague people who just want to have a decent quality of life and heal that which ails them. This week, Twitter user @mrs_g_rider tweeted out a disturbing revelation about how her insurance company bills her for ultrasoun…
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Fascinating Thread Wonders Why Siblings Can Be So Different

Why else would they fight?
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Funny tweet that reads, "This photo of Donald Trump's mum looks like a character in a film about Trump's life where Trump plays all the roles" above a photo of Mary Trump
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Anybody Else Get Annoyed By This?

Stills from The Parent Trap where Hallie and Annie think it's weird that they have the same birthday; Tumblr user comments below, "YOU HAVE THE SAME F*CKING FACE"
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Long-Lost Twins

Pic of Steve Harvey next to Mr. Potato Head, looking eerily similar
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The Resemblance Is Uncanny To Say The Least

Reese Witherspoon creepy celeb family twins daughter - 9144865280
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See You In Hell

Funny meme about seeing your evil twin and dueling, two old men with funny hats and umbrellas on a cliff.
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What's the Difference?

web comics invention evil twin What's the Difference?
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Twin friends are Awesome!

friends fighting twins - 8577902336
Created by kaitri

How to Respond to the Question "Are They Twins?"

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