I Didn't Know Venusaur Was a Turtle

Pokémon turtle funny - 8218115328

His Eyes Are Bigger Than His Stomach

optimism birds turtle funny animals - 8068662272

60% of the Time it Works Everytime

jazz hands cute turtle funny animals - 7859729152

Behold the Turtle Snake

wtf turtle snake - 3062437120
Created by Matbar

One Angry Turtle

talk to the hand turtle - 3069207296

And There It Goes...

pets poker face turtle college - 7231700736

Adorably Mathmatic

art turtle - 7141257728
Created by Lucky810 ( Via Kicking Cones )

Too Cool For This Aquarium

cool aquarium turtle - 7140570112


turtle - 7135581696
Via Twitter the Comic

Turtle With Artificial Appendages

gifs critters swimming science turtle - 7077634560

One Dumb Bird

hawk wtf bird turtle - 3363998720
See all captions Created by Paralizzato

Calm Down, Turtle!

gifs cute critter waving excitement turtle - 7039090432
Via B3TA

One Slow Race

race beach slow turtle - 3426911232
See all captions Created by ArchSlayer100

One Showboating Turtle

rock turtle - 3426339072
See all captions Created by Deadman427

Someone's Stalkin' You

gifs Caturday turtle Cats - 6978319616
Created by ani.s4

Turtle Falls on the Cat

gifs Caturday turtle Cats fall - 6959810560
Created by ani.s4