Funny pun meme, slow cooker, turtle in chef hat | Just got a new slow cooker tiny turtle cooking with miniature spatula and knife
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Totally Normal, Nothing To See Here

Funny meme showing "Adolescent healthy normal turtles" as a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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I Know You Did It!!

Caption that reads, "Which one of you MFs in here using a straw!" above a pic of a sea turtle appearing to crash through a wall
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Heckin Party In The Tank

Caption that reads, "Shell boi doin' a yeehaw on electric noodle guy" above a pic of a turtle appearing to ride an electric eel in an aquarium
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Never Be Ashamed Of That Name

Tweet that reads, "My mum was too embarrassed to tell the vet our tortoise was called Voldetort so she just said his name was Susan"
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27 Amusing Animal Memes That Are Too Cute For This World

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When A Tortoise Gets More Action Than You

"Diego the sex-mad tortoise has single-handedly saved his species from extinction"
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Need a Zoologist

Funny meme of a chihuahua inside a baseball cap, the caption says " what turtle is this?"
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Oh God No

Funny meme about someone opening the paper, gets excited about turtles turning up, then sees full headline about the turtles dying.
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teenage mutant turtle photoshop battle

Teenage Mutant Tiny Turtle Photoshop Battle

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When Will You Wake Up?

web comics turtle dreams When Will You Wake Up?
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The Truth Is Shell Shocking

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It's What He Deserves

turtle birthday tmnt It's What He Deserves
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Slow and Steady Wins the Spot

passive aggressive coloring parking sign
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I Think It Might Actually Be a Dream

web comics dreams I Think It Might Actually Be a Dream
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Look At Him Spin!

gymnastics perfect loop turtle funny - 8275309824
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