Tumblr: a magical website with the bizarre, the hilarious and the unexpected. Think you've seen it all? Think again. The best one-liners, random threads and weird thoughts are yet to be discovered. 

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Golden Posts From the Nerdy Depths of Tumblr

Tumblr might seem like an outdated platform to the millennials who abandoned their blogs several years ago, but Tumblr still exists and it's thriving (even without your highly aesthetic sea foam-tinged vaporwave gifs). If you know where to look, there's plenty of gold to be mined from the depths of Tumblr . We've rounded up some of the best posts, funny comments, and shower thoughts for anyone who can't be bothered opening the site.
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Weird and funny tumblr posts.

Oddly Specific Posts & Terrible Truths From Tumblr

The internet is kind of wild. At this very moment, all across the globe, there are people like you, hunched over their laptops and/or phones, trying to pass the time. Some of them are reading this article, too. The cool thing about this is that somewhere, somebody is typing up a super-specific sentiment, or a terribly inconvenient and cursed truth, and is about to share it to the whole of Tumblr . Sometimes these posts contain strange and warnings, like the first entry in this list, which invol…
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A compilation of random memes and images

A Mighty Stampede of Memes

I was never a person of the horse girl experience. That might come as a surprise because I grew up in Texas and everybody know that kids in Texas ride horses and cattle to school. But alas, I could never muster the earnestness and sensitivity that lives inside the heart of every horse girl. Horse girls are a social category that extends through the generations. Every one of us, no matter our age, definitely went to elementary school with a girl who loved horses and could not properly socialize…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

32 Memes You Must See Before You Croak

1001 [Blanks] You Must See Before You Die is a gimmick book series that I cannot get enough of. It includes titles such as 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die and 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die. As a child, my favorite book was 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die. As much as I loved reading them, these books ask a lot of you. Seeing every single one of these paintings and reading all of these books, they truly will take somebody a lifetime to accomplish. I recently mad…
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Highlights And Hijinks From The Recesses Of Tumblr

Fun fun fun
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A compilation of random and funny memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

A Super Duper Selection Of Splendid Memes

As you move through this world, you will meet some divas with such an insatiable zest for life that it's hard even to conceptualize what it's like to live inside their brains. This attitude can be cute…until it is annoying. There's a delicate balance between having a genuinely positive attitude and trying to force niceness into every situation despite its appropriateness. The latter option is passive aggression, the most toxic positivity man ever invented. If you don't take it too far, having a…
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A compilation of random funny memes

A Generous Grouping of Memes

Let's cut to the chase. We know why you're here. You want 30 hilarious memes of various subject matters injected into your bloodstream immediately. Well, if that's the case, I'm going to have to ask you a few questions. Where were you the night of June 28th? Haha, I'm just kidding. I know exactly where you were. These memes contain some pretty classified information. Only really advanced people like the Pope and Marina Ambromovic can see these. You might say this isn't your average list of rand…
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A compilation of funny and random memes and images.

An Index of Permissible Memes

Memes are one of those things that are easy to accept into your heart. Whether hilarious, disgusting, life-affirming, or otherwise, memes come and go so quickly, making them a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. You might see a meme one day and never see it again as long as you live. On the other hand, some memes stay with you forever and ever despite your desire to let them evaporate into the annals of your subconsciousness, never to be seen again. One of the best things about memes is that…
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A compilation of 4th of July Memes

Extremely Normal 4th of July Memes

Happy 4th of July ! 245 years ago the United States declared independence, and it's been a party ever since. Independence Day is one of the best holidays for barbeques, fireworks, and ugly Old Navy t-shirts. One of the best parts of the 4th of July is foraging for a place to watch the fireworks. In every city and town in America, this is a blood sport. People claim their territory for firework viewing a full 72 hours before the festivities even begin. My personal favorite part of the 4th is tho…
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A compilation of random memes.

An Inventory of Approachable Memes

Not all websites are straightforward beacons of great content. With many forms of social media, whether Twitter , Tumblr, or Reddit , it sometimes feels like it takes years of feed curation to get to the good stuff. Who and what are you supposed to follow to find the good content on those platforms? I've found that following people with similar tastes but some notable quirks or personality traits you don't necessarily relate to is ideal. When I was on Tumblr as a kid, I followed a bunch of peop…
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An article compiling a list of random memes.

A General Supply of Memes in Bulk

While most products come in various sizes, some things are just meant to be consumed in bulk: Netflix shows, Costco's entire inventory, and Cheese Balls . I have never seen Cheese Balls in a compact container in my life. Every Cheese Ball in the world is in an absurdly large package that I cannot conceptualize being practical for anyone. How long does it take a family to eat one industrial-sized box of Cheese Balls? I can't imagine they could finish it in less than two months. Maybe that's by d…
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A compilation of random memes and jokes from the internet.

Chill Memes To Study And Relax To

The ability to create an ambiance is an essential skill at this point. When everything seems to be falling apart around you, it's necessary to be at least able to listen to a curated playlist to make you feel like a calm human being with super stable emotions. That's why the Lo-fi Beats To Study and Relax To girl is such an inspiration to me. She is a hard worker who is unphased by the chaos, madness, and confusion of the world around her. She can study and relax simultaneously, and I deeply re…
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A list compiling random memes from the internet.

A Stupendous Collection of Random Memes

Being “random” used to really get you places in society. In the 2000s, randomness was a socially currenency the likes of which we had never seen before, and will probably never
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A long list of random memes

A Sampling Of Delectable Memes For Your Pleasure

It's nice to participate in the simple pleasures in life once and a while. Sure, these things might not be expensive or high class or highly memorable, but they add a little extra something to your day to make it stand out. So often, our days feel like they're running together, one day looking practically identical to the rest. When you're living for the weekend, making the week feel like it counts as a part of your actual life can be challenging. Incorporating little unique things into each da…
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A compilation of passable memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

A Cornucopia Of Salvageable Memes

It's not much, but it's what we have.
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A list of funny animal memes and posts

A Merry Medley of Animal Memes

Old McDonald had a farm, EIEIO. And on that farm, he had some memes EIEIO. Well, we've got plenty more memes where that came from. Old McDonald may have had an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there, but he did not have an extensive list of side-splitting animal memes. Sure, Old McDonald might've posted some memes (that he printed out) onto the side of the barn, but the only ones who saw them were the cows, the chickens, and the common house cat. Here, we've got memes for all animal fans. Are yo…
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