Those Sneaky Bastards

Caption that reads, "What legos do when we're not looking" above a pic of a bunch of legos plotting on where to be to hurt human feet
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Well Then

Clip in a newspaper that reads, "Dear Santa, why do all my toys say 'made in China'? I guess even you can't abstain from the allure of cheap labor. Oink oink you capitalist pig - Josh"
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Caption that reads, "When you're drunk in the back of a cab and the driver asks you for directions" above a pic of a Furby with one eye open and the other half-closed
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That's All Folks

Caption that reads, "Friend: You've already said that joke before; Me ..." above a pic of a toy Bart Simpson that says, "Bart has six cool sayings"
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Can I Join

Caption that reads, "What religion is this?" above a pic of a guy praying to a giant Mr. Potato Head
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Good God

Tweet that reads, "My daughter just ruined Toy Story forever. She said if one of the toys died Andy wouldn't know and he'd carry on playing with its corpse"
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Get In The Chipper

Funny meme about kids playing on a slide that leads them into a wood chipper.
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Puberty Is Arriving Earlier And Earlier

Funny meme about a chinese baby doll that you call "shave the baby."
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So Misguided

funny meme about a mom thinking that poppers the toy is marijuana.
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Addiction is a Disease

Funny meme about a toy that makes little plastic balloons, pretending it's drugs.
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In a Way

jobs toys image - 8998479360
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