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Creepy Vacuum-Sealed Garfield Inspires Cursed Memes

You can find a lot of weird crap on Amazon, including a knockoff Garfield toy called ‘Fat Orange Plush Cat Stuffed Animals Toy, Lifelike Yellow Tabby Cat Kitty Toy for Boys and Girls Children Xmas Birthday Gift.’ The toy advertised is a burned out and possibly alcoholic version of Garfield. If that wasn't cursed enough, Twitter user @PartyPat116 Oh my god my Roomie bought this knockoff Garfield plush off Amazon, and it came like this — flashy girl from flushing (@Part…
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Horror At “Vlogger Kit” Play Set Prompts Debate About Kids Toys and Aspirational Jobs

While many universal childhood memories change based on what generation that you belong to, one thing that has almost always stayed the same is being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. It’s pretty much a rite of passage that adults are aghast at the most popular answers, which when I was young were usually along the lines of being a famous singer or a sports star. However, we live in the internet age now, baby, and today things are a little different. It’s been reported that many…
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People Got Tired of Stealing LeBron’s Head So Now They’re Inflating Him With Liquid

Last month, shortly after the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy , people everywhere flocked to their local big box retailer to steal the heads of LeBron James action figures. And yes, it started as a TikTok trend. For regular, non-TikToking patrons of Walmart, the sight of shelves stocked with decapitated LeBron toys was pretty perplexing. Many turned to Twitter for answers as more and more LeBron heads mysteriously vanished. The trend became so widespread that Walmart resorted to locking up t…
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Orangutan Makes Mischief After “Rescuing” Child’s Teddy Bear

One of the most astounding things about orangutans is how intelligent they can be. Their behavior and levels of understanding outstrip many other non-human species, and they are all the more entertaining for it. Those in captivity often draw attention to themselves, whether than be through their accessory choices or by retrieving a stuffed animal dropped in their enclosure, as recently happened in Dublin Zoo. In the viral video, the ape uses a stick to retrieve the toy from a body of water and …
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Funny tweets about a 'Long Furby' that a guy's wife made for a friend's birthday | I love my wife very much, but over the past few weeks she has been making a long Furby for a friend's birthday and it has made living here very uncomfortable | MOMENT UNDERSTOOD WEAKNESS MY FLESH THEWNE DISGUSTED

Creepy 'Long Furby' Is Terrifying Twitter Users Everywhere

Well this is unsettling.
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Well Gosh Darn It

Funny meme that about a dad purposefully breaking his kid's toy so that it doesn't make annoying noises anymore Sarcastically Surprised Kirk | Kid: [sobbing] Something happened to my toy, Daddy! It's not making sounds any more! You:
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Funny meme showing a guy eating a burger, depicting small children under age 3 eating small parts
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These 'Lost Nerf Dart' Memes Fill Us With Frustration And Nostalgia

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And You Are A Sad, Strange Little Man

Funny "Me Explaining to My Mom" meme about Woody telling Buzz that he is a toy in Toy Story
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Oh Darn!

Caption that reads, "'Kid: [sobbing] Something happened to my toy, Daddy! It's not making sounds anymore!' You: ..." above pics of a Star Trek character looking sarcastically shocked
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Oh God

Pic of a spider biting someone's hand next to a pic of Peter Parker as Spider Man, above a pic of someone stepping on a Lego next to someone who's turned into a creepy Lego man
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Caption that reads, "When your parents walk in on you playing with yourself" above a pic of Jason Momoa playing with an Aquaman figurine
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Caption that reads, "The perks of working at a toy store" above a pic of a guy standing on a ladder holding up a stuffed animal like in the Lion King
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90's nostalgia

46 Pics That Only Nostalgia-Craving '90s Kids Will Fully Appreciate

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'Ooh, Haven't Seen This Since I Was 8!'

Caption that reads, "When you're cleaning your room and you get distracted by stuff you found" above a pic of a woman wearing a fancy mask playing on her phone
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Only '90s Kids Will Remember These

Caption that reads, "You haven't known real fear until you've tried to use one of these" above pics of little rubber toys that pop up
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