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If This Guest on Maury Isn't Secretly Ted Cruz, She Must at Least Be Related to Him

ted cruz maury drag If This Guest on Maury Isn't Secretly Ted Cruz, She Must at Least Be Related to Him
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This Basically Confirms Finding Nemo Actually Happened

this shark totally looks like bruce from finding nemo
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Halo: Inquisition

totally looks like halo dragon age - 8754171392
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Who Wore It Better?

Hillary Clinton politics totally looks like potatoes - 8753048064
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russia leonardo dicaprio totally looks like Video - 78287617

A Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Doppelgänger Leans Hard Into it and Sings 'My Heart Will Go On'

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ted cruz lookalikes

Ted Cruz Has Some Hilarious and Terrifying Doppelgangers

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Who Put A Buffalo Dicken Finger on the Menu?

funny fail images buffalo dicken finger
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Look Who That Evil Kid Grew Up to Be

funny memes martin shkreli looks like evil baby
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Yoshi Wat R U Doing, Yoshi Stahp!

clouds totally looks like yoshi - 7926038784

Who Wore it Better?

donald trump totally looks like - 8541404416

Now Younglings, Don't Forget to Do Chapter Three for Homework

geek memes star wars algebra teacher looks like jedi

That's a Good Doggie

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Matthew Lewis Totally Looks Like Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic totally looks like Matthew Lewis funny - 7633133824

James Franco Totally Looks Like Columbo

James Franco totally looks like - 7976185344
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Nosfertaru Totally Looks Like R.Earnshaw

totally looks like funny - 7741999104
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Mrs Potato Head. Totally Looks Like Nicki Minaj

totally looks like nicki minaj - 7291380736
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