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Disgruntled Parody Tweets That Need To Be Stopped

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Talented Mr. Ripley

Funny meme of a black man that looks just like Matt Damon, text says he is not fooling us.
Via davie_dave
Collection of memes that compare things to other things, like the moon to ham, or gordon ramsay to a baby, or skrilex to a mop.

Meme Roundup: Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuff

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french fries totally looks like image - 8996511488
Via tastefullyoffensive

You Thought Home Alone Was Fictional?

Home Alone totally looks like image - 8991493888
Via memewhore


scooby doo dogs totally looks like image - 8986346752
Via onlytwitterpics

coincidence? i think not

totally looks like - 8985453056
Via reshipped

yeah i reckon they might be

totally looks like - 8985259776
Via plasmalogical

I know which I’d pay to see in a movie

totally looks like - 8984942336
Via vethox

Now We Know the Secret Behind Her Smile

image mona lisa Now We Know the Secret Behind Her Smile
Via pitpatbainsy

Good to See Him Successful These Days

image totally looks like home alone Good to See Him Successful These Days
Via OkiDokiTokiLoki

Spiderus for President

image totally looks like ted cruz - 8968887808
Created by Vonski30

All Shapes and Sizes

nature wood totally looks like - 8969643776
Created by nicholas_cj_summers

Twitter Can Be a Dreadful Place

girl gets destroyed on twitter for dreadlocks looking like
Via no-chill-at-all

Should We... Tell Them?

totally looks like the rock image - 8811601152
Via iegocentric
totally looks like ted cruz Video politics - 215047

Maury Interviews Ted Cruz's Lookalike, She Had No Idea Who He Was

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