That, And I Magically Start Flossing Again

Funny meme about brushing your teeth more than normal in order to prepare for a dentist appointment toothbrush loaded with toothpaste | you have a dentist appointment
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Funny meme about toothpaste coming off of your toothbrush, woody from toy story.
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Funny '9 out of 10 dentists' memes

19 'Nine Out Of Ten Dentists' Memes That 10 Percent Of Dentists Are Terrified Of

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He's Right You Know

Someone requests Merriam-Webster to follow them on Twitter so that they can DM them to say that "toothpaste" should really be called "teethpaste" instead
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Y'all Like The Sprinkler?

Caption that reads, "When I try to dance" above an ad that reads, "Crest - Noticeably White"
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15 Toothy Dentist Memes That Deserve A Plaque

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Caption that reads, "How that one out of dentist who doesn't recommend Sensodyne be at the annual dental conference" above a pic of Vegita from Dragonball Z looking annoyed in the corner
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Chaotic Neutral ;-)

Funny meme about toothpaste, toothpaste alignment chart.
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Believe Me

Caption about the dentist stabbing your gums 30 times during a cleaning telling you to floss more, above a pic of Donald Trump saying, "Wrong"
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So Real

Funny meme about toothpaste, funny web comics.
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Bone Apple Teeth

Funny meme of someone sending Gordon Ramsay a photo of a hot dog with toothpaste on it, Gordon Ramsay blocks the person on Twitter.
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Tight Budget, Tough Times for Mr. Toothpaste

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It Means This Toothpaste Is Extreme

toothpaste signs marketing It Means This Toothpaste Is Extreme
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A New Slogan

Ad white slogan dance toothpaste - 6993974784
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Why Would Someone Do This?

gross eww toothpaste funny - 8443605760
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Sack Up!

toothpaste - 8424982528
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