Here to take a dump? Toilet jokes, memes ,and everything in between will provide you with hours of mirth while you snicker behind your hand. So whether your humor is already as dirty as the flush handle, or you're looking to expand outwards, this hilarious toilet humor will have you chuckling in no time.

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A Shower of Bathroom Memes for Squeaky Clean Squatty Potty Users

Splish splash
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Plumber's Paradise: 32 Hilarious Plumbing Memes That Flush Your Troubles Away

Plumbing is one of those professions that white-collar workers love to bring up as an example of jobs that makes lots of money without a college degree. Contrary to popular belief, plumbing is not easy money . Unlike most modern jobs, you have to complete a long and arduous apprenticeship before you can start making the big bucks. Plumbing requires a willingness to get dirty, which most people are unwilling to do for eight hours daily. It's hard work, and if you can stomach it, you've got a gre…
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Aussie Memes For Daggy Blokes

We're just a bunch of daggy kids doing our thing, no? Australian culture has always fascinated me. From the first time I saw The Wiggles on my TV screen, I knew this was an incredible country. I've been staining Courtney Act since I was a teenager, and I will not stop anytime soon. Xanadu is one of the greatest musicals ever written, and the fact that they had to write around Olivia Newton-John's accent only adds to the film. To this day, the story of Steven Bradbury winning the gold at the 200…
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Dude Gets Roasted For Claiming He Uses 8 Toilet Paper Rolls Per Day

Twitter Blue is out in full force, and with that comes the Twitter Blue defenders. Many people are roasting those who've subscribed to this paid verification service, and they are getting a wee bit defensive about it. If I paid $8 a month for a practically worthless service, I, too, would get a bit defensive about it. One dude went viral for the oxymoron “I'm paying for free speech.” Others exalt the new feature as a way to find community and boost your tweets. Unfortunately, having a blue chec…
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People Discuss the Awkwardness of Public Bathroom Etiquette

1. Forget about the ones at gas stations
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Starbucks Customer Goes to Bathroom, Prompts Outburst From Wild Karen

Everybody had to get involved
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A compilation of funny random memes

Memes To Lull You To Sleep Tonight

It's been a long day, and you've done so much. You've accomplished what many people have failed at: continuing to be alive. Whether you spent that day ignoring your chores and watching Frasier reruns or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the second time, you deserve a nice long sleep. Whether the night is young or elderly, you can get some shut-eye . But not just yet. After all, you need to accomplish at least one last thing before you go to bed. Why not consume a story? Consuming a story might ver…
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Unhinged Workplace Bathroom Break Policy Prompts Outrage

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Dude Takes Girlfriend To Breaking Point With Living Room Urinal

He has another toilet...
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Scottish Woman Does Entertaining Takedown Of '5-Minute Crafts' Toilet Hacks

Holy moly
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Woman Has Diarrhea Emergency In Public Toilet, Girlfriend Steps In To Save Her From Embarrassment

Top tier relationship
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A compilation of random screenshots from Wikipedia

Funny Out of Context Moments From the Deepest Corners of Wikipedia

Wikipedia ; the fountain of forbidden knowledge. Is it accurate? Is it all made up? Who cares! Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and has been an essential tool for researchers of the online persuasion ever since. If you grew up in the 2000s, you remember being told by your teachers not to use Wikipedia unless you want to get a big fat F on your paper. That threat put the fear of God into many young Wikipedia users. Although not peer-reviewed in the technical sense, Wikipedia is a very convenient so…
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Article About a TikTok Creator Who Covered Her Toilet With Chia Seeds in an Attempt to Make a Huge Toilet Chia Pet

Woman Attempts To Make Chia Pet Out of Her Toilet

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Woman Confounds The Internet By Allegedly Decorating Bathroom Like It’s In A Dive Bar

Almost too uncanny...
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Enlightening Thread Reveals The Legend Of The Pittsburgh Toilet

Pure luxury
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Live tweet story of millennials breaking up, dropping phone in the toilet, cringe. | Trevor S. Valle Follow @tattoosandbones THREAD just overheard one most Millennial breakups, ever. Scene apartment across alley our windows face) Intro: High-pitched voice screaming horror movie scream can only only be described as "blood curdling" Young woman S WRONG

Dude Live Tweets Millennial Cheating Saga to Hysterical Results

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