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Kid Charms The Internet After Going Hog-Wild With Talc

An adorable nightmare
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Funny Tweets about kids having meltdowns over stupid things, parenting, parents

Parents Share Hilariously Dumb Situations That Devastated Their Toddlers

When you're a kid almost everything feels like it's the end of the world. When I was 4 I became absolutely convinced that the “cool” way to eat pizza was upside down. Cheese facing plate. Ridiculous. The first time my mom took me for pizza after this idea got into my head, I attempted this method between sips of Hawaiian Punch. Once she noticed what was happening she freaked out, grabbed the slice, and tried to get me to eat it the right way. I had a meltdown so explosive that she refused to se…
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parenting memes, funny memes, kids, toddlers, funny tweets, twitter, quarantine, parenting | as parent trying hide my snacks unemployed lazy people my house. eating ice cream sandwich hidden behind lettuce | TwinzerDad @TwinzerDad Toddler: Daddy want toast ok, buddy. Here's some toast. Toddler don't like butter on my toast flips toast over dry side and hands back There ya go. Toddler: Thanks Daddy! Toddlers are dumb. Take advantage while can.

34 Parenting Tweets & Memes For Exhausted Moms And Dads

Parents share the woes of raising little maniacs
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Funny memes, parenting memes, parenting tweets, dank memes, kids, raising kids | Parent This is serious. Are Listening Kid dinosaur noises michael scott the office | Henpecked Hal @HenpeckedHal Last night, my 3 year old kicked during tantrum. As tucked him bed later, he apologized never kick again he said, pulling closer and kissing my cheek Just do exactly tell do and 'l never have kick again My son is mobster.

Parenting Tidbits For The Tired & Out Of Patience

We salute you.
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Relatable Memes For All The Exhausted Parents

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Snapchat photos of toddlers misbehaving

Fresh Snaps Of Toddlers Acting Like Little Gremlins

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Funny and relatable parenting memes.

25 Relatable Memes For All The Weary Parents

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Funny tweets about Caillou being tall.

Caillou's Unexpectedly Intimidating Height Has Twitter Shook

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17 Toddler Tantrums That'll Make Your Reproductive Organs Shrivel Up

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14 Hilarious Fatherly Nuggets From 'The Nerd Dad'

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C'mon Mom!

Text that reads, "When you accidentally let go of your balloon and your mom won't buy you another one" over a pic of an actor lying face-down in front of a woman sitting in a chair
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19 Parenting Memes For The Tired Parent Who's Had It Up To Here

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Babysitting Gone Wild

Babysitter sees that her toddler niece is sleeping in a handstand in her crib
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That's Pretty Much What I Expected

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Parents with Toddlers Can't Have it All

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It Gets Better, Kid

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