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Chart illustration of men and women with yellow coloring over different parts of their bodies and a text caption below that reads, "See the shocking truth about what mustard does to your body depending on where you slather it on yourself"
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Caption that reads, "If you're ever feeling left out just remember there's a fourth Jonas Brother" above a pic of four Jonas Brothers
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Today I Learned!

Caption that reads, "Why do we have hands?" above several illustrations that depict, "Pat the moose," "Slap the bongo drum," "Shake stick at God," and "Oof ouch the water is too hot"
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Tweet that reads, "I'm 22 years old and I just realized that 'This little piggy went to the market' doesn't mean he went shopping for food"
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Today I Learned!

Map of all of the lewdest-sounding city names in the United States
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