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20+ Fascinating Facts For Perpetual Knowledge Seekers

It's never too late to learn
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Thread Thoroughly Outlines the Fascinating History of the Appalachian Mountains

Sometimes Twitter is good
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20+ Funny & Dubious Things People Learned When They Were 'Today Years Old'

I was today years old when I learned that broccoli is actually cauliflower that's been dyed green. Okay, not true. But broccoli is totally man made. Look it up. Have you ever seen broccoli growing in the wild? You haven't, because it was originally a natural cabbage plant that humans used to cultivate a more palatable version, which we call broccoli today. The internet is full of factoids like this—some weird, some fascinating, and some pretty hard to believe. We've collected a bunch of crazy th
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Twitter thread about how HR departments choose who to interview for jobs | TheWrongNoel friend mine has been trying hire new employee her department medium-sized org. After advertising several times with few applicants, and couple rounds interviews new employee is less than great. Then she discovered there were other applicants..

Twitter Thread Details All The BS That Goes On In HR Departments

Spoiler alert: they seem kind of useless.
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20+ Oddly Specific Ordinances and Little-Known Laws

Weird things that are apparently illegal
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Interesting Tumblr thread about clothing sizes and how celebrities get their clothes to fit so well | inkdot This weekend told story which, although kind ashamed admit because holy shit is ever obvious, is kind blowing my mind.

Informative Tumblr Thread Explains The BS Of Women's Clothing Sizes

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Funny tweets about things that people recently learned | Talaya @talayafromspace today years old found out nanny's name Parent Trap is not Jessie. Chessy Fictional character OVERVIEW PLAYED BY MOVIE VIDEOS PEOPI | today years old found out broccoli is made. cauliflower painted green

Amusing Facts People Learned When They Were 'Today Years Old'

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Interesting Facebook thread explaining why the threat of "murder hornets" is largely sensationalized | Marianne Alleyne Monday at 5:10 PM Dropping some more hornet knowledge (compiled multiple posts have seen come by today, including Annie Rich Thompson): | NY Times ran story this weekend which promptly echoed through local media outlets about Asian Giant Hornet which they so thoughtfully deemed murder hornet so doing, they have blown problem way out proportion.

No Need To Panic Over 'Murder Hornets,' According To This Informative Thread

It's all been blown waaaay out of proportion.
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Interesting Twitter thread about why people's emotional states are so all over the place during the pandemic | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours. Do feel FLAKEY INCONSISTENT s b/c brain doesn't know news brace next, or next month will hold.

Twitter Thread Explains Why Your Mental State Feels Like A Nightmare Right Now

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Funny video of Woody Harrelson learning that Liam and Chris Hemsworth are related

Woody Harrelson's Mind Is blown When He Learns Liam And Chris Hemsworth Are Related

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Interesting Twitter thread about the person who holds the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem | David Videcette @DavidVidecette This is the moment The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was closed due to Coronavirus.   Last time this happened was in 1349, during The Black Death, a bubonic plague pandemic.   What’s fascinating about this story is the guy with the keys.

Twitter Thread Tells The Story Of A Muslim Key-Keeper At A Holy Site In Jerusalem

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Interesting video that shows a woman fitting a too-long object into a box

Video Shows Clever Hack For Fitting A Wrong-Sized Object In A Box

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Classic "Actual Advice Mallard" memes

24 Classic 'Actual Advice Mallard' Memes Full Of Clever Life Hacks

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Tumblr post that reads, "So my little sister just burst into my room, grabbed me and whispered, 'Omg the reason Patrick is so clueless is because he lives under a rock'"
Via JamesONarwal


Text that reads, "What we think blind people see" above a wall of black, next to text that reads, "What blind people actually see" above a message that reads "Error"
Via GradeObama


Chart illustration of men and women with yellow coloring over different parts of their bodies and a text caption below that reads, "See the shocking truth about what mustard does to your body depending on where you slather it on yourself"
Via VHS95
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