Karen, You're Going To Have To Stop That

Caption that reads, "Me coming home at 3am and unloading all my issues on my dog" above a pic of a woman hugging a dog, who looks mildly confused and freaked out
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Damn Dentists

Caption that reads, "Me: My wife left me, I lost my job, life sucks, what am I doing wrong? Dentist: *Rips off therapist costume* IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T FLOSS" above a stock photo of a guy talking to a therapist
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Well This Is Awkward

Tweet where a therapist asks their patient if they blame themselves for their parents' divorce, patient says 'not really' and the therapist says that they actually probably should
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My Family Connection

therapist talking true story family - 8563525632
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What Am I Paying You For?

therapist - 6926028032
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A Disciple of Tobias Fünke

arrested development Insanity Wolf psycho therapist tobias fünke - 6589816832
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I'm Not a Therapist

math problems Sad therapist Y U No Guy - 5416609792
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