Funniest Therapy Memes for Those of Us Who Like Talking About Our Problems but Not Doing Anything About Them

Funniest Therapy Memes for Those of Us Who Like Talking About Our Problems but Not Doing Anything About Them

Not everyone's cup of tea
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A compilation of random memes.

A Spoonful Of Memes To Help The Drudgery Of Life Go Down

Do you ever realize that life is like…kind of bad ? Well, what are you going to do about it? Rotting in your room and wasting away playing Yahtzee is always an option until you realize that marinating in your filth is not a long-term solution to anything. The grass always feels greener on the other side. When you have a job, you wish you didn't. When you're unemployed, you are freaking out trying to become employed. Nothing seems to go the way you want it to until it does. Every day, you are ju…
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Girl With OCD Shares Videos That Show Us That We're All a Little Obsessive and Compulsive These Days

Is my oven on?
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Funny memes about therapy, seeing a therapist | regina george from mean girls fine my therapist. kingdom hearts sora selfie: tweet by thatguyCD showing my therapist my inner demons first time

29 Therapy Memes Because Mental Health Is Crucial

If you don't have your mental health, then do you really have anything?
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Funny twitter meme "and what do we say when we feel like this" | Jensen Wilkins @jensen_wilkins Therapist And do say feel like this Less depressy, more progressy Therapist think done today."

21 Self-Deprecating Therapy Tweets

Everyone should be in therapy
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Funny memes about anxiety, mental illness | disney alice in wonderland in a glass bottle floating in a saw of tears over analyzes situation immediately overreacts everything turns out fine Oh dear do wish hadn't cried so much. billie eilish at 2020 academy awards looking suspicious: not sure if managed anxiety or just stopped caring about anything @MyTherapistSays

Anxiety Memes For Constant Worriers

We hope you'll find some amount of comfort in these memes!
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Funny memes from Donnie Darko starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Real friend, depressing memes, relatable memes, plant memes, cat memes | made new friend mentally ill Real or person u met on internet mentally ill person met on internet | made new friend. Real or cat met at party cat met at party

'I Made A New Friend' Memes Are A Solid Mix Of Donnie Darko And Self-Deprecation

Making friends is hard to do.
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Funny dank meme about how "Evil Bob Ross" doesn't exist | therapist: Evil Bob Ross isn't real, he can't hurt you. also therapist: no really, evil Bob Ross literally doesn't exist.
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The Best Part Of Therapy

Funny tweet about how you can talk shit about people at your therapy session and the therapist legally cannot tell anyone else
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Don't Worry About Me

Tweet about someone at a therapy session whose parents taught them to not take up any emotional real estate | Sam Reich therapist: so what's troubling you? me: my parents taught me to be so polite that now i have trouble taking up any emotional real estate and how does that make you feel? fine
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My How The Times Have Changed

Funny tweet about how Baby Boomers are embarrassed about therapy and younger generations are much more open about it
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Funny memes and tweets about therapy

Therapy Sh*posts For People With Issues (20 Memes)

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Funny dank memes from The Joker entitled, "All I Have Are Negative Thoughts"

Dank 'Joker' Memes Are All About Depressing Thoughts

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Funny memes about therapists and going to therapy

15 Therapist Memes For Anyone Who Really Needs A Damn Shrink

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psychology memes

14 Psychology Memes That'll Give You A Bout Of Freud Rage

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Funny meme with stevie nicks about keeping visions to yourself, therapist.
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