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'Chase, paint me like one of your French bulldogs': Dad unlocks new parenting hack by retelling his favorite movie plots, but with 'Paw Patrol' characters

"He’s gonna grow up and be like, 'these classic movies are awfully familiar....'"
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Delightfully Dumb 'Movie Titles In Movie Lines' Anti-Memes

There's a somewhat infamous /tv/ “favorite movie lines” thread on 4chan in which someone humorously misquoted a character from American Psycho saying, "Patrick, it's you!! You're the American Psycho?!!" Another user replied, “He didn't say that,” escalating the thread into a barrage of ironic shitposts inspired by the OP's American Psycho joke. For example, an image of Frodo captioned, “That's why I'm the Lord of the Rings , not you Sam.” Putting movie titles in movie lines has since become a p…
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Image of Cow Wearing VR Headsets Sparks Matrix Jokes & Memes

'They did the Matrix on a cow'
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Absurd Meme Imagines What Happens When Both Matrix Pills Are Taken

'I shoulda never smoked that sh*t' has graduated to 'oh sh*t I took both pills'
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Cracked Remade 'The Matrix: Resurrections' for $20

Cracked returns to the The Matrix: Resurrections with only $20 in their hands. After all this time.
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Keanu Reeves Thinks NFTs Are a Joke and Fans Are Thrilled

'Matrix' star reveals feelings about Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and VR
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Funny and cringey video of Matrix fans waiting to see The Matrix reloaded,

Video of Matrix Fans Waiting to See 'Reloaded' Is a Beautifully Cringey Glimpse at the Early Aughts

As was the case for many older millennials , my cousin and I were intensely obsessed with The Matrix . We'd dress up and recite lines from the 1999 action film, writhing as we pretended to dodge bullets. We also learned that wearing sunglasses indoors can lead to injuries, but as tweens we didn't really care. We just wanted to pretend we were slick action heroes with a very important mission. While I can't speak for “kids these days,” it definitely seems like this specific brand of nerdiness ha…
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Funny memes about Keanu Reeves | star wars 3cpo among ewoks: Keanu Reeves looking through reddit do believe they think am some kind god. Keanu Reeves states he is atheist religious people: he goes hell god: disappointed cricket fan

15+ Breathtaking Keanu Reeves Memes & Reasons Why He's Awesome

Who couldn't love this dude?
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Funny remake of Matrix trailer for $20 by Cracked, Keanu Reeves

Presenting 'The Matrix' - If It Were Made For $20

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The Full 'Matrix Resurrections' Trailer Just Dropped and Fans Are Ready to Free Their Minds

Since Warner Bros launched that trippy interactive website on Tuesday, the internet has been literally shaking in anticipation for the full Matrix Resurrections trailer. Well the wait is over for all the Matrix -pilled fans out there. So Neo and Trinity have aged and appear to be experiencing amnesia in a sterile-looking San Francisco, while younger versions of Morpheus and the Oracle still seem to know what's going on. What does it all mean? Has the Matrix literally rebooted? In the last movie…
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Clever 'Matrix Resurrections' Interactive Website Generates Thousands of Unique Teasers

What is real? How do you define ‘real?’ On , the new interactive website promoting The Matrix Resurrections , the choice is yours. Reality can be whatever you want. All you have to do is click the red pill or the blue pill. At first, the website seems to offer a simple choice between two different teasers. But after spending some time on the site, it becomes clear that there's a lot more going on. For one, the footage generated is different depending on the minute you click,…
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Cool, Weird, cursed and funny photos from behind the scenes of movies and television

Weird & Funny Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Film & TV

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Creepy stories on Reddit that people couldn't explain | posted by KitKeating 1985. My ex wife and were sleeping. There small sliver light coming through window streetlight, so room and bed were dimly visible. Our black Pomeranian at end bed asleep dreamt woke up, reached down pet him, and he turned into glossy black bivalve/oyster thing which opened up reveal rows gleaming glass teeth woke up my ex backpedalling up

People Share Their Unsettling 'Glitch In The Matrix' Moments

Well these are creepy, to say the least.
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Neo Continuously Throat-Punches Agent Smith In Hilarious Re-edit

This is art
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35 Good Memes For A Good Time

It's meme-o-clock!
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Funny and relatable meme about forgetting whether you used shampoo in the shower, Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, neo, rain
Via u/paperplans5
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