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Funny texts about how people went to college before email | did any college work before email? Like did do? If class were cancelled, or there mistake on homework Lol- had walk over room and there would be note on door if at 8 am FACEPALM

College Student Mystified By Tales Of School Before The Internet

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funny cringe pics, cringey posts, social media | Im so goddamn sad because my dad just died and dont know do with myself feel like nothing matters anymore. He only person could talk world BanManfredBot Now hi so goddamn sad because my dad just died and dont know do with myself. im dad am just bot. weird and disturbing toy that's part garfield the cat and part banana

Cringey Pics & Memes For Those Who Wish To Suffer

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funny moments of internet stupidity | Anyone know an app or way download music free without using internet or Wi-Fi?

Moments Of Impressive Internet Stupidity

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Fresh and spicy dank memes, porn memes, spongebob memes, area 51 memes.

Hot & Spicy Dank Memes Fresh Out Of The Oven

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Funny random memes.

44 Frivolous Memes For Fancy Tastes

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Uh Oh

Funny meme about using a captcha to select all the bikes, a sliver of wheel is in one box, sweating jordan peele.
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Funny memes about the password being behind the router, picture of something that you can't figure out.

'Password Is On The Back Of The Router' Memes Riff On Our Wifi Woes

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Funny dumb posts from the internet.

15 Mind-Numbing Moments Of Incredible Internet Stupidity

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Funny memes, random memes, cats.

27 Silly Memes That'll Lift Your Spirits

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Funny random memes

19 Shows Of Idiocy That'll Introduce Your Face And Palm

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funny pics and memes cure boredom

44 Funny Pics To Cure You Of Your Boredom

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Every Frickin' Time

Funny meme about google chrome.
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Funny meme about creeping
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Stupid internet posts from people that will make you cringe, flat earth.

19 Examples Of Internet Stupidity That'll Make You Fear For Humanity

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This Is So Sad

Funny meme about the fast and the furious.
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Funny memes, lord of the rings, tweets, random tweets, tumblr.

29 Shitposts That'll Remind You Of The Internet's True Purpose

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