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Why Sleep When You Can Meme: Memes for Insomniacs Who Need to Go to Bed Already, It's 3AM

You could sleep... Or you could just keep looking at memes.
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10 Cringey Memes That Might Make You Uncomfortable (August 9, 2022)

It's a whole lot better than watching pimple popping videos at 2am, but here are some of this week's cringiest, most uncomfortable memes that are surprisingly hilarious. If awkward silence, chaos, or discomfort makes you laugh nervously, these memes are for you.
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People reminisce about things that were normal in the 1990s, internet, dial-up, funny, nostalgia, 1980s

People Reminisce About Things That Were Normal in the '90s But Are Now Obsolete

As a millennial born in the late 1980's, I had the pleasure of witnessing some major cultural shifts, the most prominent being the advent of the Internet. While my early childhood was internet-free, as I got older I was introduced to both the wonders and horrors of the world wide web. And at first, I had to use dial-up internet to enjoy them. The haunting sound of dial-up internet booting up (and the anticipation that came with it) is just one of the many joys kids these days will never underst…
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Chaotic Single Man With Disorganized Kitchen Shows the Internet the Kind of Mayhem We Live For

I didn’t even know this was an option
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Funny stories about  millennials, micro-generation, tweets, twitter, middle millennials, internet

People Discuss the Unique Experience of 'Middle Millennials'

It feels like just yesterday we were learning of the group of millennials dubbed “geriatric millennials.”
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Funny tweets from @internetofshit about technology, capitalism, internet | tweet by internetofshit will be remembered Al takes over Gary Turner Not shitting but actually just rescued robot distress on street after someone had tipped over. This is one those weird dreams, right. internetofshit moment desire death Selfie Bottle Coca-Cola TASTE FEELING bottle with a camera mounted on it

22 Cringey Times Technology Went Too Far

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The best bad two sentence horror stories from Reddit, tweets, twitter, lol, humor, fail

Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Need a Bit of Work

If you have ever trawled the hallowed halls of Reddit looking for entertainment, then you may have stumbled upon the r/TwoSentenceHorror subreddit. It is a community tha is often filled with chilling, eerie and extremely cursed scenarios, ones that (obviously) keep it very brief. While the brevity generally makes these tiny tales more ominous in nature, sometimes it totally mucks it up. People seem to try to fit too much information into the two sentences, or can't include enough information to…
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20 Reasons Why 'Smart Devices' Are Actually Dumb As Hell

Internet of Crap
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Funny tech memes, developers, coding, computers, the internet.

22 Memes For The Technologically Inclined

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funny Disney Tumblr posts | lilpocketninja: kinkyspaceprincess: thelostdisneyprincess: merverb: as kid never understood why they didn't like him As an adult still don't understand. psst 's brothel and he's poor Aladdin | sherlockey-werlockey-stuff: IS NEMO GOING BE SASSY REBELLIOUS TEENAGER no dad don't understand finding emo Dad going touch boat don't tell can't do black clownfish

55 Reasons We Love Disney Tumblr

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Funny comebacks and burns | RainnWilson O @rainnwilson decided stop using toilet paper. 9:23 PM 3/18/20 Twitter iPhone 680 Retweets 12.3K Likes Jenna Fischer O @jennafischer 11h Replying rainnwilson Why are acting like this is new decision? | Ja Rule @jarule If y'all need l'll be Alaska 20:30 12/03/2020 Twitter iPhone 317 Retweets 1,491 Likes Kokain Dawkins @kokain_d 1d v Replying jarule Nobody has needed since 2005 bro

16 Clever Comebacks & Sick Burns

Somebody call 9-1-1
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I Look Young For My Age

Funny meme about Flex tape | 12 year old You must be 18+ to view content
Via u/Shady_Twin
Funny questions asked of librarians from before there was the internet, google, lol, history, new york public library

Weird & Funny Queries From When Librarians Were Google

Different times.
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Funny video roasting the quality of embedded videos on reddit.

Dude Perfectly Captures The Frustrating Nature Of Embedded Reddit Videos

Thank you, Rotted Reviews!
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Thank You, Elder

Funny meme about how we owe it all to people who asked the same question in a forum years ago, avatar the last airbender
Via u/Dexdemen
fake yikes, made up stories, liars, cringe, the internets, reddit, facebook, cringeworthy, stories, stupid people, funny, quit your bullshit | BEATLES 12h My 3 year old son wearing Beatles shirt at playgroup another mom came up and asked condescendingly do even know who Beatles are He replied uh, yeah, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Star and Paul McCartney Zing! | STORY TIME so today Starbucks and gave my name as Hermione Granger and then they called my drink handsome boy staring at and

Outrageous Social Media Anecdotes That Are Hard To Believe

True stories that totally 100% happened
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