Funny parenting texts | Just found this freezer Elsa from Frozen | Dang Eleanor not going let eat raisins nakey anymore if keep putting them butt s real thing said tonight. Lol

Funny and Relatable Texts From The Messy World Of Parenting

Parenting is a lot of things, but it isn't glamorous. One minute you're a freedom-enjoying adult, the next you've popped out some kind of hellion and your life has changed forever. While some of those changes are good, there are others that are a bit of a bummer in retrospect. Being able to use the bathroom alone becomes a rare and relished occurrence. Frequent diaper changing makes existence more poopy than you could ever imagine, and somehow it feels like you're constantly cleaning up messes.…
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Wild & Wacky Interactions That Almost Make Social Media Worth It

Say what
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Men Share the Most Audacious Things Women Have Done When Starting to Date

Some big asks
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A compilation of hilarious tweets, Facebook posts, texting conversations, and so on.

Insane Posts That Come Once in a Lifetime

Most posts are a dime a dozen. You see hundreds of posts every day, but few have much staying power within your consciousness. However, there are those rare post that through being shared over and over again, have attained a legendary status. These posts vary from unknowingly hilarious tweets made by nobodies to utterly insane insults crafted by the most creative minds. So many people want to create a hit post, but very few of us have skills to do so intentionally. Most of the time, the best po…
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Funny, Wacky, And Just Plain Bizarre Pick Up Lines That People Used on Dating Apps

What on earth
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Best "If I Text You" Memes For People Afraid to Share Their Real Feelings

Express yourself
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Funny posts from old people on social media, facebook, wholesome, sad, depressiong

Humorous & Wholesome Posts From Old People on Social Media

They're trying.
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Pushy Manager Flame Broiled For Begging Former Employee To Return

Absolutely tragic
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Bizarre And Ridiculous Posts That Prove We Should Switch Off The Internet

That's enough now
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Super Sassy Grandparents Dishing Out Savage Burns

Another memory to bring up in therapy
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Widow Starts Debate After Telling Husband’s Mistress About His Death

Supremely awkward.
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Sheepish Husband Sparks Debate After Sharing Wife’s Angry Text

“Don’t get married… or move your coffee machine”
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Twitter Users Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Unequal Texting Ratios

No-one wants to be the blue
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15+ People Who Failed Catastrophically At Using A Keyboard

Typing is hrad
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15+ Entertaining And Wholesome Animal Meme Text Reactions

Haha, weird animal
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Funny and weird texts and dms, cringe, horny people | This text conversation is related DoorDash order food has been delivered. Enjoy want so bad | do want do this Read 8:35 PM can't even verbally explain much don't want do toes intertwined

20+ Texts Filled With Comedy & Cringe

Ah, the great communicators.
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