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The More You Know!

Text conversation that reads, "[Person 1] How much would a trip to Spain cost? [Person 2] It depends where you live. For example, if you live in Spain, it's free"
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Insufferable Lady Gets Promptly Denied After Demanding Free Sh*t

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Caption that reads, "Take that NASA" above a fake text screenshot where the text recipient is 'Aliens' and the texts read, "Yoo, y'all real?" "Yeah bruh"
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Me But In Green

Text conversation that reads, "[Person 1] Wait, did you just flirt with me? [Person 2] Have been for the past year but thanks for noticing"
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Lol Oops Sorry

Caption that reads, "Texting me is really like" above a text conversation that reads, "Person 1: I fell asleep, hi; Person 2: Awww; Person 1: Sorry I fell asleep again LMFAO"
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Never Gets Old

Text conversation where someone named Steven tells his parents that he's in the back of an ambulance; parents reply that he's been an EMT for ten years and that he should stop trying to prank them
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cover image about a couple at a marriage counselor, meme about the guys from the office getting into trouble

29 Funny Memes That'll Help You Waste Your Time The Right Way

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It's Genius

Text conversation where someone tells their friend that they went to a sales job interview where the interviewer asked them to sell a laptop; person takes the laptop and interviewer asks if they can have it back; person 1 asks if they want to buy it back
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Text conversation where Person 1 says, "You aren't gonna believe who is beautiful!" Person 2 says, "Who is?" and Person 1 says, "Read the first two words"
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Sick Burn

Text conversation where someone asks why the chicken crossed the road, with the answer "to get to the idiot's house;" then they say "knock knock, it's the chicken" to their friend
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Spam Text Convo About Voting Turns Into Hilarious Trolling

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Good Question

Text conversation where one person asks their tall friend how tall people sleep at night if the blanket doesn't cover their entire bodies
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Cringey Gamer Bro Goes Totally Nuts After Girl Rejects Him

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This Dieting Thing Isn't So Bad!

Text conversation where someone fools their friend into thinking they're eating healthy when they're really eating frozen pizza
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Not At All Creepy

Caption that reads, "When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well" above a text conversation of a girl and her friend who wore a disguise to spy on their date
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Oh Yeah!!!

Text conversation between two friends, where one says that their greatest fear is being forgotten and the other says theirs is the Kool-Aid man
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