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Poetic Customer Service Representative Captures The Heart Of Twitter

So elegant
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Entitled nice guy gets put in his place after attacking a woman who wont go on a date with him | Sooo l've been really patient with all week and want take out this weekend and still haven't explained why not interested

Entitled 'Nice Guy' Gets Perfectly Put In His Place

Some people don't know when to quit.
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Frick Yeah Taco

Funny text message conversation describing how someone walked by a karate place where kids were wearing their Halloween costumes and they saw a taco beat up Kylo Ren
Via 0nomat
Funny and clever text message exchanges

Fourteen Hilarious Text Messages From Clever People

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anti vaxxer mom

High School Girl Stands Up To Her Insane Anti-Vax Mom By Getting Vaccinated Anyway

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text conversation smartphones embarrassing cringe texts technology mothers day parenting mom adult children parents - 8269317

19 Times Moms Texted The Darnedest Crap To Their Embarrassed Offspring

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How Sweet

Text conversation where one person says they want to be more than friends; other person asks if they mean "best friends" and person 1 says no; second person asks if they mean "mega best friends"
Via InterdimensionalMindset

That's A Better Name For Them

First guy texts his friend that he only ate one "nasty apple things" with a photo of a salad with radishes on the side; friend texts back that they are radishes, not apples, and the first guy says they are "mini dirt apples"
Via turtleneckedflatbread


Tweet that reads, "My mom vs. my dad" above a text conversation where a girl's parents tell her happy birthday, and her dad gets the wrong age
Via UsernameNoLongerValid

Snacks Are Life

Text conversation where guy asks girl what she's doing, girl responds "eating chips"
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Troll-y Women Are Pulling The 'I Want A Baby' Prank On Their Horrified Boyfriends

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Tweet that reads, "Legendary" above a text conversation where someone addresses the other person has "hello everyone" because they always screenshot their conversations
Via XlookingforwardX
funny memes about the US not using the metric system

39 Humorous Memes That'll Rid You Of Your Crippling Boredom

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Oh Well!

Text conversation that reads, "Sorry things didn't work out between us, I wish you all the best. But...the best is me, so I guess it sucks to be you"
Via VonKarmanVortexStreet

Totally Normal Stuff

Caption that reads, "Me texting back four days later continuing the conversation like I just didn't go MIA for 96 hours" above a pic of a guy wearing a ski mask being interviewed for a talk show
Via myloonybunisfinebennylava

That Is One Thing You Could Do, Yes

Text conversation where person 1 says, "What's the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?" and person 2 says, "I would probably fly to Paris, find a street-performing mime, and beat him to death...the applause he would get would be astounding"
Via Thunderwistle
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