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Americans Describe the States They Live In Without Revealing Names in Funny Thread

America is a big, beautiful mess. Each state has its own unique identity, some so distinct that many Americans can easily recognize a state based on a few key characteristics. Redditor u/Thomas_The_Llama recently prompted the people of r/AskReddit to describe their states without revealing any names, and the resulting thread is very entertaining (unless, of course, you're not American , in which case you might be a little confused).
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Funny dank memes, poorly aged, sad, tech | My prediction year 2020 is everyone will live peacefully and they will cure every disease there is think Kevin Singh | Tom Randolph @rockerest Well, Bitcoin has stabilized at almost exactly $14/coin tired waiting jump, so l'm taking loss and getting my cash back

Poorly Aged Posts That Are Filled With Regret

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Loose Tiger Causes Mayhem In Houston

Nobody wants that pooping in their yard.
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What's Next?

Funny meme, dank memes, lol, parkour, texas, snow storm
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42 Tasty Meme Treats For Bored Scrolling

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Wholesome twitter thread, weather, winter weather, texas, texans, winter storm uri, cold weather tips, freezing, deaths, galveston, houston, power outages | quick tip from a michigander dealing with a ton of snow too: if you find your car stuck in the snow, wedging your car mats under the car can help get it out! I keep old ones in my | Sound advice for southerners who are not experienced with driving in the snow If you drive on snow. just pretend you're taking grandma to church.

Twitter Users Share Winter Wisdom With Storm-Battered Texans

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Entitled couple from Allen Texas roasted after tweet about shredded cheese: My wife, date night after 3+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it's the only way she can eat fajitas. We've asked 4 people, going on 18 minutes now. Just unreal at Allen, TX location. We gotta quit blaming #COVID19 for crappy service | faces national tragedy Migrant Mother 1936 (by Dorothea Lange, FSA) and "But Had Wait My Shredded Cheese 2020

Entitled Texas Couple Roasted For Meltdown Over Shredded Cheese

Read the room, y'all.
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Funny meme about dallas cowboys returning to dallas texas because people are quarantined due to covid-19 coronavirus, we are the virus | Deric @DericRichardson Wow. This is Dallas, TX today where the city's cowboys have returned for the first time since 1805. The earth is healing, we are the virus
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Funny memes about Texas | Why can Texas fly its flag at same height as U.S. flag see no God up here Other than ME | Texans viewed Alaska joining United States TEXAS DOUBLE WHOPPER Biggest State. Biggest Combo nobody counts alaska.

Eighteen Texas Memes Full Of That Southern Hospitality

Well bless your heart.
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oilfield worker memes, oilfield town

Very Specific Oilfield Worker Memes For People In The Struggle

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Funny story on Facebook from North Ridgeville Police department in texas, cow fell out of truck, moodini.

Texas PD's Story About A Wayward Cow Is Content We Deserve

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Holy Crap It's So Accurate

Funny Eric Andre meme about how Australians are just British Texans
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Funny memes, funny comics, funny tweets.

29 Funny Pics To Help You Cope With Another Monday

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wtf adoption pets kitten names texas Cats animals jo38ma3 - 8472837

22 Adoptable Cats That Have The Stupidest Names Imaginable

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southern memes

29 Twangy Southern Memes That'll Bless Your Heart

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Roasting of police department.

Texas PD Is Getting Roasted And Meme'd Over Underwhelming Drug Bust Photos

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